Apple announces iOS 17 update release date in shadow of iPhone

Apple announces iOS 17 update release date in shadow of iPhone ‘Wonderlust’ event

Hi everyone,
Aaron here for Zollotech and Apple finally sent out its invites for the upcoming iPhone 17 event
They’re calling it Wunderlust as you can see here.
So with those event invites
There’s a lot to talk about as far as what to expect and more
Now the first thing is the Apple event hash flag is now live on X or Twitter
And if you type in hashtag Apple event,
you’ll get the little Apple there when you actually go to send a message
That’s now available just like they do every single year and as far as when and where it is first
Let’s go to the event itself.
So on Apple’s event website,
I’ll link it in the description
You can see it says watch on 912 at 10 a.m.
Pacific Time or that’s 1 p.m
Eastern Time you can watch it on
or the Apple TV app and typically you can watch it on YouTube where it’s streamed
You’ll see this is animated where the Apple here is sort of coming apart in the different colors that we’re actually
Expecting the iPhone 15 Pro models to be in so there’s a lot to talk about of what to expect
but this is actually at the Steve Jobs theater this year in a hybrid format like we’ve had before with
WWDC where they actually had people come in they watched it together live and then they were able to get their hands on it in
Demonstration areas now as far as what to expect,
of course,
we’re expecting iPhone 17s
In fact,
we’re expecting four different models again this year
And I’ve had these models for a little while where they’re actually sort of representative of what we can expect
we’re expecting four models a
inch iPhone 15 a 6.7
inch iPhone 15 plus a
inch iPhone 17 Pro and a 6.7
inch iPhone 17 Pro Max
Many people thought it would be called the iPhone 17 ultra,
but maybe that names gone away at this point
Now all of the iPhone 17 models are expected to have the dynamic island this year where Apple added that only to the Pro models last
we’re expecting it on all models this year
We’re also expecting a switch away from what we had in the past with the iPhone as far as lightning
We’re now going to have USB C
This is to comply with laws in Europe and other places and so Apple’s now making it easier to charge not just your iPhone
But everything will have the same connector iPad iPhone Mac and more
We also expect it to have an updated 5g chipset from Qualcomm and also with the iPhone 17 Pro and 17 Pro Max
They’ll have smaller bezels.
We also have rounded corners this time.
So we’ll have a titanium frame on the Pro and Pro Max models
We’ll also have an action button instead of a silent switch.
That’ll be programmable
It’ll probably do away with the SIM card slot in more countries as well
We’ll have a titanium frame that sort of curves around the edge instead of has this harsh edge like we currently do
And it will just curve over to a very thin bezel.
We’re expecting four different colors with the Pro models
We’re expecting Titan gray or some form of gray similar to titanium
Also a dark blue color silver and space black this year
We will not have a gold color and they’re sort of doing away with the the vibrant or sort of pastel colors on the Pro
The regular models are said to have a bunch of different colors as well with a new pink and green color and different shades
of other colors as well
no red at least for now,
of course in the latest models
we also expect an upgraded chipset and a 17 bionic with a new 3 nanometer chipset,
which should be more efficient and
Provide hopefully better battery life.
There is no mention of larger batteries,
but that could come a little bit later
We could also get upgraded camera lenses and the big news in the Pro Max model
The largest model is expected to have a 5 to 6 times optical periscope zoom lens
So similar to what we’ve seen in Samsung where they have it sort of sideways with a periscope zoom lens
We’re expecting all of that this year with the iPhone 15 models
So the USBC should be nice,
especially for transfer speeds with ProRes
If you’re recording a lot of video,
you can really get those off for your phone fast
And also we’re expecting possibly Thunderbolt speeds as well
40 gigabits per second where you could transfer that off and even fast charge your phone much faster as both
USBC and Thunderbolt support over 100 watts of charging,
but I doubt Apple will do that so far
We’re hearing about 35 watts as far as that goes now
We’re also expecting some updates to the Apple watch with the regular style Apple watch
We’re expecting a very very minor update to the Apple watch series 9
This will have a bump in processing power and also have a pink color option according to many of the leaks
We’re also of course expecting some new bands to go along with maybe watch OS 10 and more
So we’ll see that at the event,
but don’t expect anything major with Apple watch
We also expect one new color and an Apple watch ultra 2
To have sort of a space black color instead of the general titanium color that we have now
So instead of titanium we would have space black like we’ve had before
Similar to what we have on this watch where this is actually an older titanium watch
We’d have that sort of black anodized look.
It looks really nice
It would be a way to differentiate the different watches
But it seems like they’re going to be very minor again with only a small spec bump as far as the processor goes
We could also see Wi-Fi 6e in the different devices,
but we’re not really sure at this point now
We’re also expecting USB C to be added to one other device or maybe a set of devices
Apple is also expected to update the AirPods case
Specifically just the case itself with USB C again to comply with different laws making it easier to charge and more
So we could see maybe AirPods 3 AirPods Pro 2 updated with USB C
We’re not expecting really any changes to the AirPods themselves
Apple could upgrade them,
but we haven’t heard of AirPods Pro 3 or anything like that just yet
So it seems like we could get that maybe AirPods Max 2 finally,
but again,
there’s no news about that
we’re not expecting any iPads whatsoever at this event last year
We don’t typically get them on the iPhone event and we didn’t last year
We got them in a separate event in October or separate announcement
So we usually see those in October with the basic iPad and then the pros would be the following year also at the event
We typically will hear when the next version of iOS will release
So we’ll hear the date of the final release and usually after the event will get the release candidate
So we can expect iOS 17 RC or release candidate right after the event on the 12th or near that date
Then we’ll have the final release most likely on the 18th
Apple has released it the following day after the event before but most likely it’s going to be the 18th as they’ve been following what
They did last year now as far as iPhone 15 pre-orders,
we would expect that on Friday the 15th
Usually that will happen at 8 a.m.
Eastern Time
That’s what Apple’s been doing lately
With a final release to the public on the 22nd where they release all the models
They could stagger the release like we’ve had before but we don’t really hear anything about that as far as that being certain
So we could see that or that could be just all released on the 22nd
I would like to see them stagger it as it’s easier as a reviewer to give you honest opinions about what they’re like to use
But that’s everything we expect at the event
We could hear about when Mac OS is coming out as well
But we expect that later in October like we had last year also
So lots of things to expect the iPhones will be the big news
Maybe we’ll hear more about Apple Vision Pro
But at this point I think we’ll have a separate event in October talking about Macs or iPads or something like that
Let me know what you’re looking most forward to at the upcoming Apple event
Are you planning to pick up an iPhone 15 or a new Apple watch and what color are you planning to pick it up in?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper
I’ll link it in the description like I normally do and if you haven’t subscribed already
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please give it a like as always.
Thanks for watching.
This is Aaron
I’ll see you next time

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