Apple Event 2023 Today Is the Expected iPhone 15 Reveal and More

Apple Event 2023: Today Is the Expected iPhone 15 Reveal and More

Right when we thought that we knew everything about the iPhone 15,
the Apple Watch Series 9
and everything else about Apple’s September event,
19 more new leaks have come out over
the weekend.
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First of all,
we just got our hands on some brand new iPhone 15 dummy units.
We did have some units
before in silver,
but now we got them in all the colors.
Shout out to Sonny Dixon for sourcing
these for us.
And these are now even more accurate than the previous ones.
You can even see the super
thin bezels on the pro models.
The camera modules are more detailed and thicker on the standard
although still not quite as thick as on the 14 pros.
And we also get to see all the new
colors now.
For the standard models,
we have the midnight and the silver,
which pretty much look
identical to the 14s.
Then we have the yellow,
which looks very pastel.
I do think the current
yellow looks much better.
Then we got the orange,
which looks sort of like a pastel pink,
which I
do think looks quite nice.
And then we’ve got the blue,
which looks almost identical to the silver.
It’s got like 0.5
% blue in it.
So yeah,
I do hope the retail units are more vibrant.
When it comes
to the pro models,
the silver and the space gray are essentially the same as with the 14 pros.
then we get the first two new colors.
So we get the new blue and the new gray.
The new blue does
have a tint of green in it too.
So it’s actually different from the iPhone 12 specific blue.
the gray is indeed unique and more similar to the space gray that we have on the MacBooks.
the Apple Watch is apparently getting more changes than just the new chip.
In fact,
according to Mark
it will be getting the new U2 chip.
And no,
this won’t come with a free U2 album,
but instead it will improve on the Find My functionality,
such as accuracy and speed,
that was already great with the U1 chip that was originally introduced on the Apple Watch Series 6.
and the iPhone 15s are also set to be getting this new U2 chip.
On top of this,
Mark Gurman
also reports that the Apple Watch Series 9 will be getting a brand new heart rate sensor too,
which would be Apple’s 4th gen heart rate sensor with the current 3rd gen being introduced with
the Apple Watch Series 6 when the oxygen level meter was added.
We don’t know if this 4th gen
sensor would bring any new features to it or not.
It is likely that it will simply be a more accurate
Although Apple watches have already been one of the most accurate smartwatches on the
And just like the letter cases on the iPhone,
which we’ve mentioned in one of our last
videos that they are rumored to be discontinued by Apple in order for them to be more eco-friendly,
the leather Apple Watch bands are apparently going away too.
We don’t yet know if they will
be replaced by another material or if the leather link and modern buckle would just be discontinued
One thing that we do know is that the Hermès collaboration will likely come to an end,
with Hermès now having removed the Apple Watch options from their website.
And if the Hermès bands
are going away,
I probably assume that the other leather bands will go away too.
And interesting
Lee Kirkosutami claims that Apple would be removing the silicone cases from the iPhones too.
unclear if they will be replaced with something else,
as we already know that the
fine woven cases will be replacing the leather cases.
So there might be an alternative to the
silicone cases too,
maybe something that’s biodegradable I would assume.
But this also
implies that some Apple Watch bands like the Sportband,
the Solo Loop,
and maybe even the
Braided Solo Loop would all be impacted as well.
Now aside from this leak on the silicone cases
potentially going away,
we do have a lot more new iPhone links.
Mark Gurman claims in his latest
reports that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will indeed be called 15 Pro Max rather than Ultra like we’ve
seen reported a number of times.
Mark Gurman also claims that the 15 Pros will be 10% lighter
thanks to the titanium frame.
That doesn’t seem like much,
but it would actually make the 15 Pro
lightest iPhone since the iPhone XS,
with the 15 Pro Max now weighing almost the same as the 14 Pro
from last year.
Things do get strange when we talk about the cameras.
According to new reports,
the 15 and 15 Plus will indeed get a 48MP sensor,
but it won’t be the same as the 14 Pros from last
this would likely be a smaller sensor that costs less to manufacture.
is not happening anymore,
and instead,
both the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max will get the exact
same camera sensor as we had on the 14 Pros from last year,
which is a bit of a disappointment,
as other manufacturers are already using much more advanced sensors and it seems like Apple
will be left behind this year.
But interesting enough,
even though we are not getting a new
main camera sensor,
the Pro models are apparently getting a brand new ultrawide camera,
one that
still has the same f2.2
aperture as the 14 Pros,
but with a higher resolution of 13.4MP
rather than
This is a very interesting choice,
as Apple could have gone with a 16MP sensor or even higher
I personally haven’t seen any camera sensor that is 13.4MP
in size,
which tells me that Apple
is using a custom sensor here,
one that could potentially bring us bigger improvements than
we might think.
And same goes for the telephoto module on the 15 Pro.
this will get
updated to a new sensor of 12.7MP
rather than 12,
still with the same f2.8
very likely that Apple is also using a custom sensor here,
given the fairly unusual resolution,
which is good,
as it means that we should get some nice zoom improvements even on the 15 Pro,
even if those improvements are not necessarily zoom related,
but more like better low light
zoom performance.
And we also get some new details when it comes to that periscope module
on the 15 Pro Max.
according to Mark Gurman,
this will indeed be a 6x optical zoom module,
before it was rumored as either 5x or 6x.
And thanks to MacRumors,
we now know that this will
be a 12.7MP
likely the same exact sensor that we have on the 15 Pro,
only that we have a
6x zoom lens here rather than 3x.
And I honestly find this a bit underwhelming,
as it means that
zoom performance is unlikely to match that of the Galaxy S23 Ultra or even the Pixel 7 Pro,
or many other smartphones that either use a higher optical zoom lens,
like 10x,
or a higher resolution sensor,
like 48MP.
On the bright side,
Mark Gurman confirms that we will be
getting 8GB of RAM indeed on the Pro models.
This is something that has been debated before,
with some sources reporting 8,
while others reporting 6.
really happy with this change
This change has also been confirmed by TrendForce in their latest reports,
who also
claim that apparently the 256GB baseline upgrade on the Pro models will not happen anymore,
we’ll still get the same 128GB as we do now.
Mark Gurman hasn’t said anything about this
in his report,
which makes me think that the base storage might actually be 128GB in the end.
Mark Gurman also reports that the internals of the 15 Pros have been redesigned to match the revamped
chassis of the regular 14 models,
in turn making the 15 Pros more repairable,
which last year,
that was only the case with the non-Pro models.
And it’s not just the new iPhones getting USB
but the MagSafe battery pack too,
with reports of an updated model being in the works.
On top of this,
Mark Gurman claims that Apple is also working on a battery pack that has wireless
charging on both sides,
allowing you to,
for example,
charge two iPhones at the same time.
this is unlikely to be ready by the time the iPhone 15s release.
it seems like the updated USB-C AirPods Pros are the only new AirPods that we’ll see at the
Apple event,
with the standard AirPods and the AirPods Maxes only getting updated to USB-C
in 2024.
This is likely due to Apple working on bigger upgrades for those that haven’t been
updated in a fairly long time,
and in that case,
we would get more features than just the single
switch to USB Type-C.
I did mention that there was a very small chance that we could see
the new M2 iPad Air at the Apple event too.
It turns out that that won’t be the case at all,
and neither would March or the October events.
Apple is apparently planning on just
having a silent press release in October,
which also implies that there won’t be an October event
this year.
On top of this,
the iPhone 13 mini is set to be discontinued,
which Apple was still selling to this day,
ending the sad story of small form-factor
iPhones that everyone thought that they wanted,
but ultimately never bought.
Other than that,
we’ll be doing a live stream tomorrow of the event,
so don’t forget about that if you want
to watch it with us,
and talk to us about all the new announcements.
And other than that,
do keep an eye for that secret unveil,
that Zenotech unveil,
which we’ve teased on social
that will be happening very,
very soon.
I’m Daniel,
this has been Zenotech,
and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
signing out.


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