Baltimore police searching for killing of 26-year female tech CEO

Baltimore police searching for extremely dangerous ex-con in killing of 26-year-old female tech CEO

We’ll turn now to the urgent manhunt in Baltimore.
A 26-year-old tech CEO found murdered.
Now police say they are conducting an all-out search
for a suspect considered armed and dangerous.
Here’s Emily Aketa.

an urgent manhunt for an armed and dangerous man
who police say killed a 26-year-old tech CEO.
This individual will kill and he will rape.
He will do anything he can to cause harm.
Police imploring people in Baltimore to be careful
with 32-year-old Jason Billingsley on the run,
directing this message to the suspected killer.
Every single police officer in Baltimore City,
the state of Maryland,
as well as the US Marshals
are looking for you.
We will find you.
He’s accused of murdering Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree,
Pavel LePere.

CEO and founder of Ecomap Technologies.
A Baltimore-based company,
LePere founded
while a student at Johns Hopkins University.
On Monday,
Baltimore police found the 26-year-old
dead in an apartment with signs of blunt force trauma
shortly after she was reported missing.
They do not believe LePere knew her killer.
Friends say she lived above Ecomap’s office.
Her death,
a total shock to coworkers.
Ecomap calling her a visionary,
writing today,
the circumstances surrounding Pavel’s death
are deeply distressing.
This is a homicide investigation.
How do you even begin to make sense of that?
This 26-year-old rising star in the tech industry.
You don’t.

There’s nothing to,
there’s no sense to be made of it.
Venture Capitalism Mentor,
Matt Conwell,
helped LePere secure funding
when she first started her company.
Pavel was that person who was always smiling,
always optimistic and always looking to help others.
Billingsley has a lengthy rap sheet,
including sex offense,
assault and robbery convictions.
He was released on parole last fall.
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