Biden approves new section of border wall as Mexico crossings rise

Biden Approves New Section of Border Wall as Mexico Crossings Rise


In a bid to address the growing concern of increased border crossings from Mexico, President Biden has approved the construction of a new section of the border wall. This decision comes as part of a comprehensive strategy to manage the influx of immigrants and secure the southern border of the United States. In this article, we will delve into the details of this development, exploring its implications, reasons behind the decision, and what it means for the ongoing immigration debate.

The Background

The Border Situation

Over the past few years, the United States has been grappling with a significant increase in the number of individuals attempting to cross the border from Mexico. This surge in border crossings has put immense pressure on immigration authorities and raised concerns about national security.

Previous Border Wall Policies

During the Trump administration, a substantial portion of the border wall was constructed to deter unauthorized border crossings. This policy was met with both support and criticism, with debates focusing on the effectiveness and ethical considerations of such barriers.

The Decision

The New Section

President Biden’s decision to approve a new section of the border wall signifies a departure from his initial stance on the matter. The proposed section aims to address specific areas where border security is deemed inadequate, focusing on high-traffic zones that have witnessed a surge in illegal crossings.

Collaborative Approach

The decision reflects a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to immigration policy. Rather than a complete reversal of previous policies, President Biden’s administration is looking to combine physical barriers with other measures, such as increased technology and personnel, to enhance border security.

Reasons Behind the Decision

National Security

One of the primary reasons for this decision is to bolster national security. The surge in border crossings has raised concerns about potential threats, including drug trafficking and human smuggling. Strengthening border security is seen as a critical step in addressing these issues.

Managing Immigration

President Biden’s administration acknowledges the need for effective immigration management. By controlling border crossings, the government aims to create a more orderly and humane process for individuals seeking asylum or immigration in the United States.


Bipartisan Response

The decision to approve a new border wall section has sparked a mix of reactions from both political parties. Some view it as a necessary step to ensure border security, while others criticize it as a continuation of a divisive policy.

Legal Challenges

It is expected that the construction of the new section will face legal challenges, similar to those encountered during the Trump administration. Environmental concerns and landownership issues may be among the key points of contention.

The Future of Immigration Policy

Comprehensive Reform

President Biden’s decision highlights the complexity of immigration policy. It underscores the need for a comprehensive approach that balances border security with humanitarian considerations.

Ongoing Debate

The debate surrounding immigration policy will likely continue, with various stakeholders advocating for their preferred approaches. Finding common ground remains a challenge.


President Biden’s approval of a new section of the border wall is a significant development in the ongoing immigration debate. It reflects a nuanced approach to border security and acknowledges the need for a comprehensive immigration strategy. As the construction progresses, it will be crucial to monitor its impact and effectiveness.


Is the new border wall section a complete reversal of previous policies?

No, it represents a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to border security, combining physical barriers with other measures.

How will the construction impact the environment?

The construction is expected to face legal challenges related to environmental concerns, and these issues will need to be addressed.

What is the main goal of the new border wall section?

The primary goal is to enhance national security and manage immigration more effectively.

What is the government’s stance on immigration overall?

The government aims to strike a balance between border security and humanitarian considerations, emphasizing comprehensive reform.

Will this decision end the immigration debate?

No, the immigration debate is likely to continue, with different stakeholders advocating for various approaches to immigration policy.

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