Capitol Hill doctor: No evidence McConnell has seizure disorder or experienced stroke

Capitol Hill doctor: No evidence McConnell has seizure disorder or experienced stroke when freezing before cameras

Pivot here for a moment because I know we’re getting some news here on Minorly Leader Mitch McConnell.
I’m hearing from his doctor as well after he froze publicly two different times.
What are we
hearing on this?
His office has released a statement from the Capitol physician,
the Senate
physician here saying that this physician has consulted with several neurologists who’ve seen
McConnell’s office tells me that’s four and they unveils some other tests that have
been done including an MRI and that this letter states that the physician has found no indication
of any kind of stroke or seizure related symptoms,
nothing related to Parkinson’s disease.
ticking off some of the more serious possibilities that could have afflicted the
minority leader here.
reiterating that he’s fit to return to duty.
We will see
McConnell return to duty later this afternoon when he’s expected to speak on the Senate floor.
The first time he spoke in publicly since that episode late last week.
A lot of folks,
myself among them,
we’re watching that very closely for signs of his health and his recovery.
this all stems from that fall and concussion he suffered back in March of this year,
Any expectation here,
that he or his office plans to further address this or just move on really
when we hear from him?
McConnell is among the politicians I’ve covered most comfortable saying nothing
about anything particularly about himself when he doesn’t want to.
I suspect we won’t hear much
from him about this until his weekly press conference when perhaps all of the questions,
if not at least the
first couple from reporters will be focused on his health.
So I would expect we’re probably here more
full some comments tomorrow,
but I don’t think it’ll be part of his speech today.

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