Colorado authorities find remains of Suzanne Morphew

Colorado authorities find remains of Suzanne Morphew who disappeared on Mother’s Day 2020 bike ride

for new developments in a high profile
case of a missing Colorado woman.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation
saying remains found in Suwatch County
have now been positively identified
As Suzanne Morphew.
She’s the
Chaffey County mother of two who was
reported missing on Mother’s Day back in

and we are told that
investigators were searching in the
area of Moffitt in Suwatch County,
and we know this investigation has
Been going on for about 3 1⁄2 years
now in their disappearance.
Fox 31’s Kim Posey is on it.
Following this in studio,
this is a long time coming.
A lot of people waiting for this.
long three years for the
Morphew family and for that community.
as you remember,
Suzanne Morphew was reported missing
by her husband Barry back on
Mother’s Day of 2020.
Now he said that she gone for a
mountain bike ride and then she
never came back,

but I can tell
you that he actually was accused
in her death,
but then was those
charges were dropped back in 2021.
We’ve never really known what
happened to her until today.
Now CBI did have investigators in this area.
They say they were there for an
unrelated case and that they
did come across these remains.
They are not offering any official
press conferences right now,
and we have not heard from Barry
Morphew himself,
but we are
working to get those interviews.
What happens now?
The DA has not made a statement since
this news broke about an hour ago,
and neither has Barry Morphew,
but we will keep you updated on air
and online Kim Posey Fox 31 writer.
Thanks to Kim.

We do have crews spread out
heading to select it right now.
We’ll have much more information
tonight and we’re going to continue
to follow this right here on Fox 31.
You can download our free Fox
31 news app for the very latest.

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