Colorado governor defends ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag after student

Colorado governor defends ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag after student told to remove patch

Do they know what the guys in mind is?
but it’s a historical plot.
So there,
the reason that they do not want the flag reasonably do not offer flag display is due to its origins with the rivalry and slavery.
That is what was as the reason behind those acknowledge the guys in London.
The don’t try it on me.
Which is the next one.
And I don’t want to speak to them.
I can have to speak to them.
And then he can refer you to our person at the district.
like I said,
we’re following the district of Tolst.
It’s what we’re doing.
The last thing I want is him out of class.
I want to say that.
He takes his class in serious.
We have studies.
He wants to get straight A’s.
He did that.
He gave up.
When he was here.
He tends to be that again.
Right now.
But it’s hard.
He keeps missing class for this.
So I understand that.
And I mean,
we teach him to always take up for your beliefs.
And you’re going over the revolution this for seven great.
I mean,
the founding fathers stood up for what they believed in.
I guess unjust laws.
This is unjust.
like I said,
we are upholding the policy that was provided to us.
Which we have to do.

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