Dave Portnoy’s phone call with Washington Post reporter goes viral as he calls

Dave Portnoy’s phone call with Washington Post reporter goes viral as he calls out coming ‘hit piece’

Varsity Sports founder Dave Portnoy is going on the offense after a Washington Post reporter
who he says was trying to portray him in an unfair light.
Portnoy says the Washington Post’s Emily Heil was attempting to drum up negative press about
him for a supposed hit piece.
So he called her up.
confronted her.
and posted the entire conversation on social media.
This is Emily.
Hey Emily.
this is Dave Portnoy calling.
I’m recording you right now.
You’re reaching out to our advertisers and you’re basically sending an email that says.
to the effect.
Dave’s a misogynic racist.
Do you want to defend yourselves advertising at this event.
I’m sorry.
what’s your name Dave?
I’m sorry.
who are you?
I’m the guy you’re writing the article about.
Dave Portnoy.
I’m not.
I haven’t said anything like that.
Well I can read if you want.
If you want.
I can read what you actually sent.
I have it.
read it.
Because I sent a bunch of notes so I want to make sure I know which one.
We are planning to write about the festival and how some of the sponsors and participants
have drawn criticism by seemingly to associate themselves with Dave Portnoy.
who has a history
of misogynic comments and other problematic behavior.
I want to make sure that Blank had a chance to respond to this since the company is the
most prominent of their partners of his festival.
that’s the one I sent to ****.
which was definitely the most pointed of them because
I really did want them to respond and I was hoping to get something from them.
Do you think that’s fair?
That is pretty pointed.
You said you didn’t do it.
Then I have the exact evidence of you doing it.
So I didn’t say I didn’t do that.
I said I did.
That was the one that was the most.
you know what?
Before I before I provided proof.
you said you didn’t really remember doing that.
And then I read it to you and you’re like.
Oh yeah.
I did it that one time.
So you did do it.
What I’m worried about when we contact you.
I was worried that we would have sort of one
shot to talk to you.
And so what I wanted to do is make everything we were going to that we wanted to talk to
you about before I reached out to you.
That’s why that’s why I was waiting to call you like the Washington Post.
which is wildly
left leaning publication.
You have things you’ve said you hate Trump.
you hate you on.
Not that I’m those people to think you’re going to give me a fair shake.
I wasn’t born yesterday.
And well.
moments later.
Portnoy accused Heil of using dishonest journalism to generate
reaction from his sponsors.
But Heil described the move as a.
reporting tactic.
That seems like a pretty straightforward question that have you made your mind up about me?
If you can’t answer that.
I can say I have not made my mind up about you.
Then why would you include that in the email to sponsors?
Because I was hoping for a dialogue with them.
You know.
sometimes you have to say something like this is like.
you know.
it’s sort of
a reporting tactic when you want someone to respond.
You kind of have to indicate that there might be something negative and then you get them
to engage.
That’s all I was trying to do.
I really wanted them to engage with me.
That is a sad state of journalism.
If that’s a tactic.
this was an absolute takedown of what was going to be a hit piece.
And keep in mind.
this all had to do with a pizza fest that he was hosting to drum up
support for small businesses.
that’s right.
And the journalist is actually someone who covers food section for The Washington Post.
One correction to be made.
He definitely was meaning misogyny every time he mentioned the word.
I forget how he said it.
you know.
I actually think this was very interesting to watch.
I think he was very nice to her.
She could have really dug herself into a hole when she started lying.
I didn’t say
He immediately cut her off.
He’s like.
I have the emails to prove that you actually did.
And I really would have liked to hear her continue to deny.
and then to
show the evidence.
you know.
in my opinion.
the Trump era has really decreased the standards when
it has come to a lot of journalists.
And not you.
Harris Faulkner.
of course.
You are the top.
But I think that it would have been this would have been a bigger story if she truly lied
straight to him and then he had the emails to prove it.
And he didn’t really give her the opportunity to dig that hole.
I think he should have.
At the beginning of the conversation.
he’s like.
you are reaching out to sponsors of
this event and saying.
are you essentially are you OK with being associated with misogyny?
And she’s I never did that.
then he he said.
I have the email.
It wouldn’t have been great to see how far she went down with that lie.
when I posted a tweet just a couple hours ago.
he said.
just a reminder.
The Washington
Post said they wanted to talk to me at 10 a.m.
So it should be right now.
Then they canceled.
So I don’t know if this piece is going to run.
Maybe they’ll scrap it all together.
Maybe at this point they have to.
what do you think?
they they came back and said.
we’ll do it at 5 p.m.
or nothing.
And he said.
10 a.m.
And then he said.
so that how does that make journalistic sense?
You want to talk at 5 p.m.
before a few hours because you said it was due Friday.
I was struck as well by how impressively calm he remained.
I was shocked at how ill prepared she was.
I want to play a portion of that thought if we can.
What was the thesis of this article you’re writing?
I don’t work with theses.
I’m just reporting.
It’s just.
you know.
it’s just you’re an interesting guy.
You have an interesting role in this industry and we just want to look at that’s all.
It seemed like you were going to try to shame sponsors for being associated with me and
put them in a box when I know they all love me.
But nobody wants The Washington Post writing an article sponsor associated with misogynic.
you know.
racist piece of nobody wants that.
That’s what you’re trying to do.
And even on this call.
it’s pretty clear that’s what you were trying to do.
You want the facts for me.
So right there.
in my opinion.
that’s what summed up how incredulous her lack of reporting.
ethics is.
He says.
what is the thesis?
She says.
you’re an interesting guy.
but you’re an interesting guy.
How does that adequately defend appointed email to use her word?
She wrote to advertisers saying.
are you aware the person putting on this 50 million dollar
event that goes towards small businesses is misogynistic?
He then sums it up.
He says.
you’re trying to put me in a box here and you don’t even have the facts for
me because he asked her.
What what evidence do you have laid out?
And she said.
it’s not all in front of me.
I felt he concisely articulated exactly what the issue is.
which is that you go to these
you try to shame them into dropping their support for me.
who in this moment.
I’m supporting small businesses.
And then you try to say to my face while being recorded.
it’s just because you’re an
interesting guy.
that’s all.
This is shameful on her part.
I think it’s this is very clear that Dave Portnoy has a lot of experience with
the media.
He’s got a lot of experience being the center of hip pieces.
It’s I don’t know why.
because Barstool is a con their content creators.
They create funny content.
They create sports content.
And Barstool is responsible for some of the top female podcasters.
I’m sure that that would be his counter to the misogyny claims.
I don’t know that much about him.
but I can tell you this.
In that moment.
he was a better journalist than she was.
He let her know who he was.
He identified himself correctly because.
you know.
that’s a rule.
You can’t fake it.
They’re in a one party district.
the District of Columbia.
The Washington Post.
I assume they’re somewhere near Washington.
So that’s one party.
He let her know you’re being recorded.
New York.
other places are not always one party.
So you don’t always have to do that.
You can surreptitiously record.
But the other thing that he did was he brought the facts and he gave her an opportunity to
And when she lied and said that journalists use this as a tactic to pull out the negative.
If it’s not true.
the tactic that you say is being used as a lie.
And if that’s the case.
there are going to be plenty of people to get journalists on
And he used the facts to show that she would even lie on tape.
And it looks like she did.
And what’s the point of this?
To destroy the pizza fest that would then.
To get clicks.
to get her name.
And look.
we’re talking about her today.
Who the heck is Emily Heil?
Her last couple of articles were on Chick-fil-A.
Should adults order from the kids menu to save money?
I mean.
it’s not journalistic.
That’s fine.
She can just record whatever she wanted.
But Lee.
what do you think?
I think he comes across as savvy.
He understands media.
He was on top of his game.
He says up front.
I’m recording you.
It wasn’t like on the back end.
by the way.
I got you.
I was recording.
I never told you.
That was the first thing he says.
And she was clearly caught off guard.
And he gave her so many opportunities to back up the claim.
And when she says that.
you know.
you seem like an interesting guy.
that’s not the inquiry
that’s being made to these sponsors.
So kudos to Dave Portnoy.
There’s a lot of people who are the target of hit pieces.
and they never really get the
opportunity to deal with it proactively like this up front.
And he got way ahead of this one.
he certainly did.
And he just got total control back of his company from.
I believe.
Penn Entertainment.
So whether you like Barstool or not.
they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
I’m Emily Campagno.
Catch me and my co-hosts.
Harris Faulkner and Kaylee McEnany.
on Outnumbered every weekday
at 12 p.m.
or set your DVR.
don’t forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights.


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