Deadly Tropical Storm Idalia floods parts of South Carolina

Deadly Tropical Storm Idalia floods parts of South Carolina including Charleston after pummeling Florida

South Carolina next in the
bulls eyes.
We continue to track the
Kathy Park is there.
the weather starting to pick up where you are.
Lester Good evening.
That’s right.
Adalia is still packing quite a
punch heavier bands of rain and
when expected to come in later on this
But as you can see behind you,
this is
Charleston Harbor and the waves are already
crashing along the sea wall right now.
And the timing of the storm will be
extremely critical because it could
coincide with the high tide and lead to
Now earlier today we saw residents as well as
to our stacking up sandbags to keep the flood water out.
And also pockets of downtown Charleston’s
all some flash flooding today.
But it’s not just the high wind
But there is the threat of tornadoes.
In fact,
there was a tornado that touched in
Ruth Creek South Carolina in
during two people inside a vehicle.
you can see here less or more.
still very much a strong and dangerous storm.
All right,
Kathy Park.
Thank you.
And Edaily is a fact still being fell
across coastal Georgia,
where it could
bring up to 10 inches of rain.
Lindsay Ryzer is in Savannah.
what are you seeing?
it’s calm right now.
Hopefully it stays that way.
But we have seen rough and rising waters
here in the Savannah River.
We’re going to keep an eye on those water levels
because we’re still under a storm surge.
Watch and we have yet to reach high tide.
But take a look at some of the conditions.
We’ve seen today.
Periods of heavy rain and wind.
All schools in the county went virtual.
All flights.
Hilton head airport.
We’re canceled.
More than a hundred thousand people in the state
had been without power.
If you take a look at,
they’ll dust a Georgia.
That’s closer to the Florida Georgia line.
They saw flash flooding that prompted water rescues
and Camden County is asking residents to conserve water.
Back out here live.
One bright spot here is this is a fast moving storm.
There’s a long clear,
long three kind ofenable lands.
Lenzy riser.
Bring it out.
Roker was tracking this all day long.
Good point.
It’s been moving very quickly.
What’s the track.
right now Lester is right.
It is right on target.
We’re currently 40 miles west of Savannah.
Georgia 70 mile par on Wednesday.
We have tornado watchers as Lzenzy mentioned.
Wilmington all the way down to Charleston some tornado warnings embedded in there.
These tornado watches in effect till 10 p.m.
this evening.
17 million people
run to tropical storm warnings from Daytona Beach to Cape Hatteris.
We are looking at the
path of the storm to pass by Wilmington sometime early tomorrow.
Then by tomorrow afternoon,
it’s out into the Atlantic.
Good riddance.
We do have a storm surge as possible.
Two to five
feet Charleston’s high tide 824.
So we’ll be watching that carefully.
The possibility of tornadoes
from Savannah to more head city and rainfall amounts of less or 48 inches.
but could have another 10 inches throughout the Carolinas.
All right,
Belle Rooker.
Thank you.
Thanks for watching.
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