Dolph Ziggler Shelton Benjamin Mustafa Ali and others let go by company

WWE releases: Dolph Ziggler Shelton Benjamin Mustafa Ali and others let go by company

Ladies and gentlemen.
we got two releases in the WWE.
We got major news on the future of raw and Smackdown
Huge changes huge developments and guys sometimes YouTube won’t let you know
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But ladies and gentlemen.
it will look like Emma and Mustafa Ali released go on let go from the WWE
No longer a part of that company
It looks like Monday Night Raw the rumor is it’s going to be moving to a new night
Potentially and it’s going to be moving to a new network either Disney or Amazon is the frontliner
Also Smackdown is moving off of Fox and moving to the USA Network and in monumental update here on the brash the bracelet
We give you the latest the hottest the greatest the newest the most significant
What do you think about Emma leave in the WWE?
We think about Mustafa Ali out of the WWE and what about Monday Night Raw moving to a new night moving to a new location
Should raw move to a new night and what about Smackdown?
Are you okay with Smackdown leaving?
Are you good with Smackdown the fact that WWE Smackdown is going off Fox and going to the USA Network?
Do you feel that this would be a healthy relationship a good relationship?
It looks like WWE stars are going to be announced guys
Keep on the channel all day because I’m gonna keep up to date on this
Did the WWE drop the ball on Mustafa Ali?
What about Emma?
What about her future?
What about her WWE deal ladies and gentlemen more to come from Sean’s view with the team and also another WWE star has been released
wait a minute.
this is just coming in now guys
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all the time the significance and the promise of this and
Ladies the gentleman do you think this is promising that Smackdown is moving to the USA Network?
Do you feel that this is a good deal?
And where should roar go should roar remain on the USA Network?
Or should they leave the USA Network in what would be a better network for a Monday Night Raw?
WWE’s get the Peacock deal.
They got multiple other things.
You got to wonder what’s gonna go down.
What’s gonna happen?
Sean’s view entertainment is the happening place the one-stop destination for all
WWE keep stay tuned


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