Donald Trump greeted with cheers and chants in Ames at Iowa vs. Iowa State

Donald Trump greeted with cheers and chants in Ames at Iowa vs. Iowa State\

Thank you.
look my man.
It’s here.
Come on.
I got it.
What do you do?
What do you think about this?
This is some turnout.
I guess the youth likes Trump.
We love Iowa.
We just left South Dakota last night.
It was an amazing evening.
We got a wonderful investment.
That’s it.
We’re going to bring it all over the way down where I am.
We’re going to do a little bit of drilling.
I can tell you that right away.
No gasoline’s gone way up.
Thank you everybody.
What did you want?
I don’t remember the name.
You have one of these?
I have one.
Look at the grilled team.
I didn’t know what they were talking about.
The grilled team!
This is good.
Are they going to do it?
Or do you want to?
Good job,
good job.
How many kids do you have?
Let’s remember.
Good job.
All right,
so can you even imagine if a former president came to your football tailgate at your fraternity?
I was an fraternity and this is quite something.
This is at the Alpha Gamma Roaf fraternity.
They are in Ames,
on the campus of Iowa State.
They’re about to kick off against Iowa for the football game.
Let’s keep watching.
It’s got a beer pong table.
You got the grill,
former president Trump,
hoisted that spatula in the air.
They asked him to flip some burgers on this campaign stop.
Let’s keep watching.
All right,
it does look like we lost a visual of the former president there,
but that was kind
of the moment we were waiting for.
He did kind of a short interview there with a reporter.
He was shaking hands with some of the students there on campus.
You can see there.
I would imagine he’s going to sign some of those footballs ahead of the game that are being
placed on that beer pong table.
And I got to say,
I can’t fail to mention,
Ron DeSantis is also at this football tailgate.
Not the same one,
but he is in the vicinity.
He’s also meeting with Iowa voters as well as no doubt you can see there the footballs
in blazing with the Trump campaign logo.
So this is quite something for some of these Trump supporters of the young college students
on their Saturday tailgate.
We’re just going to keep this shot up until the top of the hour here,
almost noon on the
And so you have these drooling,
competing candidates to Santa’s and Trump both at the same
game today,
differing tailgates,
You can see there that beer pong table with all those footballs on it,
some of the Trump
staffers getting them ready for the former president probably to sign or to throw into the crowd.
We’ve seen him do that before.
He went up to the grill as well,
meet with some students,
flip some burgers for the tailgate.
This is pure college football Saturday with a former president mixed in my day at.
So let’s keep watching,
let’s listen to him.
We don’t have visual on Trump right now,
of course,
something is going on,
that’s why everyone
has their phones out with that USA chant there.
So not to speculate on what’s happening,
of course,
we watched the former president step out
from the fraternity,
meet some of the students,
probably their parents for this tailgate.
And you can see there,
they’re all gathered around him right now.
We saw those footballs lined up for a signature on that beer pong table.
And there he is.
Let’s just keep watching momentarily here,
he’s shaking hands,
meeting with supporters.
All right,
there are names Iowa at this tailgate,
former president,
Trump throwing
out those sign footballs to the college students there on this college football Saturday.
Iowa taking on Iowa State there in aims.
And so wanted to make sure we got that in the

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