Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Surprise Return to WWE

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Surprise Return to WWE, John Cena Responds: ‘Welcome Home’

The spine buster.
the people’s elbow.
the eyebrow raise.
the it doesn’t matter.
Him starting a you are.
and put it on for like.
I was in there for the whole thing.
front row seat.
what a joke.
The WWE.
my entire life.
has been my dream destination.
And everything that I’ve been able to do here.
I’m incredibly lucky for.
thankful for.
grateful for.
and I try to enjoy.
I definitely did that tonight.
and yeah.
it’s a dream being back.
for sure.
And I’m sure young Pat.
five-year-old Pat McAfee would never have dreamed he
would have been in a ring here with The Rock.
getting to have this type of interaction.
it’s so stupid.
I got stung by Stone Cold at WrestleMania in Texas.
And then I got to drink some Steve Visors with him afterwards.
I just got to do a people’s elbow with The Rock.
I’m living not only my dream.
I know pretty much every kid that grew up in my generation’s dream.
So I hope I’m doing you guys proud.
I’m trying to enjoy it.
and I am beyond thankful for it all.
And one more question.
we know you know Michael Cole.
He’s been.
he celebrated a big milestone here in WWE.
I’m sure you got to catch up with him.
What do you think about this new casual Cole we’re seeing on Friday nights?
I love it.
You know.
a little punditry out of Cole.
You know.
he always has to be the buttoned up guy doing a play by play.
which he’s the greatest of all time.
bar none.
I understand there’s a conversation for some other people.
they haven’t been paying attention close enough.
What Michael Cole has done throughout his career at the WWE is second to none.
But yeah.
now he’s got a little attitude.
a little spice.
Wearing jeans.
A little personality.
He’s looking slanted.
Do you see how fit he looks?
He looks great.
he looks unbelievable.
I don’t know if he’s on that Ozempic or he’s just super disciplined.
But he looks amazing.
You should get him some shorts like he used to wear.
put him some shorts.
Maybe he wears that singlet like he had at WrestleMania.
Put him back in a coal mine.
Have that thing.
there’s so many ideas.
Make it happen.
Come on.
we need to see it.
But yeah.
I’m incredibly lucky that I got to work with Michael Cole.
And I am still very confident that it’ll happen again.
Can’t wait.
we’re very lucky that we got to have you back here.
We missed you.
And obviously.
you’re welcome back anytime.
But congratulations on all your success.
and thanks for talking to us.
thank you.
You’re crushing it as is SmackDown.
It’s an honor to be here.

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