Exploring Nutan As A Indian Cinema Legend

History, Biography, Career, and a Comprehensive List of All Movies of Nutan

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating life and career of Nutan, one of the most renowned actresses in the history of Indian cinema. We will explore her journey, achievements, and provide a comprehensive list of all the movies she graced with her talent.


Nutan, whose full name was Nutan Samarth Bahl, was a prominent figure in the Indian film industry. Born on June 4, 1936, in Mumbai, she was the daughter of the celebrated actress Shobhna Samarth and filmmaker Kumarsen Samarth. Her lineage and natural talent set the stage for a remarkable career that would span several decades.

Early Life and Family

Nutan’s family had deep roots in the world of entertainment. Her mother, Shobhna Samarth, was a well-known actress, and her father, Kumarsen Samarth, was a film director. This early exposure to the world of cinema had a profound influence on Nutan’s decision to pursue a career in acting.

Debut in Bollywood

Nutan made her debut in Bollywood with the film “Hamari Beti” in 1950. However, it was her role in “Seema” (1955) that truly catapulted her to stardom. She won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in this movie, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Pioneering Roles

Nutan was known for her ability to portray a wide range of characters. She played roles that were not just limited to glamour but also carried depth and substance. Her portrayal of strong, independent women in movies like “Sujata” and “Bandini” was groundbreaking for the era and set new standards for female characters in Indian cinema.

Awards and Accolades

Throughout her career, Nutan received numerous accolades, including six Filmfare Awards for Best Actress, which remains a record. Her ability to breathe life into complex characters earned her critical acclaim and the love of her fans.

Personal Life

Nutan’s personal life was as interesting as her professional one. She married Lieutenant-Commander Rajnish Bahl, and the couple had a son, Mohnish Bahl, who also ventured into the world of acting.

Nutan’s Legacy

Nutan’s legacy is one that continues to inspire budding actors and filmmakers. Her ability to strike a balance between commercial success and critical acclaim is a testament to her versatility and talent. Even today, she is remembered as one of the finest actresses in the history of Indian cinema.

Nutan’s Filmography

Here is a comprehensive list of all the movies in which Nutan showcased her extraordinary talent:

  1. “Hamari Beti” (1950)
  2. “Nagin” (1954)
  3. “Seema” (1955)
  4. “Saraswatichandra” (1968)
  5. “Bandini” (1963)
  6. “Anari” (1959)
  7. “Milan” (1967)
  8. “Chhalia” (1960)
  9. “Saudagar” (1973)
  10. “Meri Jung” (1985)
  11. “Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki” (1978)
  12. “Bidaai” (1974)
  13. “Karma” (1986)
  14. “Sajan Ki Saheli” (1981)
  15. “Khandaan” (1979)

This is just a glimpse of Nutan’s illustrious filmography. Her work in these films left an indelible mark on the Indian film industry.


Nutan’s journey in the world of cinema is a remarkable tale of talent, versatility, and sheer determination. Her contributions to Indian cinema continue to be celebrated, and her movies are cherished by audiences of all generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was Nutan’s full name?

Nutan’s full name was Nutan Samarth Bahl.

2. How many Filmfare Awards did Nutan win?

Nutan won six Filmfare Awards for Best Actress, a record that still stands.

3. Which movie marked Nutan’s debut in Bollywood?

Nutan made her Bollywood debut with the film “Hamari Beti” in 1950.

4. What is Nutan’s legacy in Indian cinema?

Nutan is remembered as one of the finest actresses in the history of Indian cinema, known for her versatile and impactful roles.

5. How many movies are listed in Nutan’s filmography in this article?

This article lists 15 movies from Nutan’s extensive filmography, showcasing her diverse acting prowess.

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