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Adafi Owei and David Adjabo. Marriott on the throw. Blitz pressure coming. Marriott is picked up and taken down by Malik Harrison who drops him back inside the 20-yard line.
Trying to get the Eagles offense off the field here on third down and 13 on the opening drive of preseason. Marriott flushed from the pocket. He wants the run.
Crosses the 35 and lunges for a first down at the 40-yard line.
And make a first down with his team.
Andre Swift bounces to the outside and he’s got room across midfield all the way down to the Ravens 40-yard line.
Before he is taken down by Ardarius Washington.
Penny in the backfield. Marriott keeps it. He goes around the left edge and lunges forward for a first down.
Into the arms of Jaquan Amos.
Ball is at the Ravens 27.
Marriott hands it off. The shot.
Penny, not much there.
Jake Elliott from 45.
Kick on the way. It is long enough and it is good.
And Philadelphia strikes first.
We expect to see a good deal of Melvin Gordon this preseason.
It will be Keith Mitchell with the return from the goal line.
Rookie out of East Carolina.
Looks for a gap at the 20-yard line. Breaks free across the 25 to the 40.
That’s your fault.
On second and three.
Penny will carry. This time stopped for no gain. We head down to the field and Evan Washburn.
Penalty gives the Ravens a fresh set of downs at their 47-yard line.
Just as Hill looking for an opening. Bounces to the outside. He’s got room.
He’s got Josh Johnson leading the block.
20-15 and he’s pushed out of bounds there.
But you want to keep possession of the ball to get the points.
Blitz pressure coming. Johnson fires.
End zone. Touchdown, Ravens!
Devon DuVernay!
And the Ravens have their first lead of the preseason.
Nice back shoulder throw. Devon DuVernay getting a nice little step off.
Off the line.
To the backside number. Easy throw and catch.
Josh Johnson delivers.
90 degrees or not.
Bring the wig. Bring the beads.
Quarterback in for the Philadelphia Eagles and he throws a strike to midfield.
As Tanner McKee.
49-yard drive for Jake Elliott.
He missed from 46.
This one has the distance and he squeezes it inside the upright.
And Gus Edwards getting a snap in the backfield.
Josh Johnson throws but it’s not going to net much as Isaiah Lightly is swarmed for a loss back to the 14-yard line.
He’ll lose three on the play.
Call him with some plays. What’s that like?
It’s great.
You know, I don’t, like, the couple, Larry from Houston, I’ve been sending him, like, plays and stuff.
I’ve been seeing that he’s been putting them in practice and they’ve been working.
So it’s like, man, I’m glad he listened to me, man.
So the sky’s the limit right now.
Trey Sermon gives the Eagles a first down at the outer edge of the grillmate’s red zone.
Tanner McKee to throw. Has some time. Back shoulder fade.
He’s got his man down at the two-yard line.
And that’s Tyree.
He has to be able to look back and make a play on that football.
Tanner McKee hands it off.
Turning to the one and in for the touchdown
is Trey Sermon.
And when you let a player named Trey Sermon push his way into the end zone,
you can expect a Sermon when you get to the sideline.
Josh Johnson has gone the whole first half.
Fires to the far sideline. Broken up.
He was looking for Tariq Black.
Fourth down and a long one.
McKee off the play fake.
Finds Ward wide open across the 40.
And Ward will step out of bounds at midfield.
Everybody has to rush up and clock the ball in the ground.
Target is the Eagles 35.
There’s a completion to Charlie Kohler.
And Kohler loses the ball along the sideline luckily for him.
It trickles out of bounds at the 43.
A 60-yard field goal try to close out the half.
Tucker got the leg into it. It’s long enough.
It is gold!
Justin Tucker for 60!
And with that, brings us to halftime.
And he brings the Ravens to a 13-10 deficit.
Finished last season on the Chiefs practice squad.
Didn’t get any game action, but he did pick up a Super Bowl ring.
Tyler Huntley will throw.
Lofts it. He’s got a man wide open.
Prokolek, the tight end, makes the grab
and tumbles into Philadelphia territory with a big first down.
And gold.
From the 10.
Tyler Huntley.
Fires back shoulder.
It is caught. Tyler Wallace!
Touchdown, Ravens!
That was a great catch by Wallace.
All hands, ball down and outside.
Drive as he gets the Ravens back to the end zone
and back in the lead.
It’s the Ravens by four, third quarter
on the Ravens’ game day network.
Early in camp?
Yeah, I think it’s a special.
Just the values that Coach Harbaugh instills in us every day.
It’s been a focused team. It’s been a driven team.
I think you can see it just by this first drive and how they’re performing.
How does that change things for you?
It’s huge. These guys in training camp are making play after play after play.
Defense is going to have to respect that.
How would you describe the urgency you feel?
Because we’re still a few weeks away from Week 1,
but obviously it’s your building point.
Like you said, there’s unfinished business on our end.
You were a young kid and now you’re playing in the stadium
and you’re making a sack and making a play like that.
That sack forces the Eagles to punt the ball.
James Prochet fields it at the six.
Prochet fumbles the ball!
And the Eagles recover at the 14-yard line.
A catastrophic mistake for James Prochet.
Off the read option.
McKee fires to the back of the end zone.
It is caught, but out of bounds.
Tumbling to the turf with the ball was not a…
Tyler Huntley remains in at quarterback.
So whatever the leg issue was, it’s not enough to get him out of the game.
He will hand it off.
You’ve got to make sure you try to get your hands back off the defense line
or deep into the lineman’s face mask.
Oh, and Keith Mitchell had nowhere to go on that delayed handoff.
He’s buried in the backfield. He’ll lose five more.
Eagles with a second down and ten.
Back to the ground.
Kevin Brooks loses the ball and the Eagles say,
or rather the Ravens say they’ve recovered and they have.
So the Ravens force their first turnover of the night to Eve and the Ledger.
The Ledgers have a chance to extend their lead.
17-13, fourth quarter on the Ravens game.
On third, down and two.
Brown, quick release, incomplete.
Justin Tucker, he hit in the first half from 60, from 43.
No surprise it’s long enough.
Even less surprise, it’s good.
Gordon Stout handling the kickoff duties now.
High and overhead.
Will be brought out of the end zone two yards deep.
Trey Sermon.
Tumbles forward to the 28.
We head down to the field and Evan Washburn.
Ian Book on a third down.
Blitz pressure coming.
Book sidesteps, two sacks, a tent.
Still being tracked.
And finally tracked all the way back at the 28-yard line.
Brown throws outside the numbers, but for a loss of one to James Prochet.
It was taken down as soon as the ball arrived.
But he’d love to be a backup, if not the Ravens, somewhere in the league.
Brown throws decisively, but it’s picked off on the far sideline
and it’s going in for six.
Dangerous picks.
That could tie this game up at 20.
A 31-yard return for a touchdown and the Eagles will go for two.
To try to regain the lead.
So we were just talking about the importance of not making mistakes at quarterback.
Anthony Brown, good protection.
Good protection.
It was almost picked off again.
Rising and falling rapidly.
This guy’s sucking some wind right now.
Book under pressure.
It hit.
And he escapes again.
And he will get down to the 44-yard line.
Just about back to the line of scrimmage.
The defense with a chance at a knockout shot.
Book will throw.
Far sideline.
Darrell Worley has the coverage.
Not making the right reads.
And some of the throws have been off target.
And he’ll run it here and pick up the first down
as he slides down inside the 30-yard line.
Head to the locked room to celebrate the first victory of preseason.
And that’ll do it.
20-19, the Ravens defeat the Philadelphia Eagles for a 24th consecutive win.
The difference in this game, a 60-yard field goal by Justin Tucker.

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