Follow Hurricane Lee’s path with our tracker

Follow Hurricane Lee’s path with our tracker. Storm to bring rip currents, storm surge

Hello everyone meteorologist my cat head here in the storm watch and I weather center with an update on hurricane
Lee a lot of eyes and a lot of very years have been on what Lee will do or what it is doing and where it’s headed
Certainly a lot of eyes down in the tropics.
So here’s the latest
Advisory from the National Hurricane Center as if 11 o’clock Saturday evening
It’s moving to the west northwest still at that
Um trajectory but slowing down a little bit now down to nine miles per hour top sustained winds have actually come down as well
So it’s now a category two hurricane
Top sustained winds at 105 in the pressure has come up indicating this storm is weakening
All of that is good news the bad news
Well the wind shear that’s kind of causing the storm to weaken a little bit will relax tomorrow and on in the Monday
So as you can see on the National Hurricane Center
Lee is expected to re intensify back to a category three possibly a category four hurricane
So here’s a path through Tuesday fairly locked in on a western northwest flow
At least through Monday night in Tuesday Tuesday evening starting Wednesday
The steering currents begin to relax a little bit to the east and that will allow
Where should allow hurricane Lee to move more to the north so that by Thursday at about
7 o’clock in the evening it should be positioned south west to Brimuda and well to the northeast of the Bahamas
Where does Lee go Friday Saturday in Sunday that’s the big question right now
So as you can see on the spaghetti charts here each line indicating a particular computer model a lot of the storms
are taking it a lot of the computer models are taking the storm to the east over Nova Scotia
But there are a couple that drag it too close for comfort right near the New England coastline
So here’s another look at several other computer models again keep in mind each line is a computer run
And notice how the majority of them
Drag the storm to the east of New England anywhere from say western parts of Nova Scotia and points east
But there are a couple of computer runs that do drive the storm closer to the New England coast
Right in here so that’s what we’re going to be watching very closely
by tomorrow and into the day on Monday and Tuesday to see the trends on those computer models because
Honestly all the way through Tuesday and Wednesday
There’s still a lot of uncertainty as where Lee will eventually go
It’s going to be driven by two features in the atmosphere primarily too
One an area of high pressure to the east.
That’s the Bermuda high that basically sits there all summer long
And then an approaching trough of low pressure building in over the eastern part of the country
Now they’ll be one that moves in on Wednesday
In Thursday trying to drag Lee to the north however it will likely skip by
Lee sometime Thursday night and another one will dig in Friday and Saturday
If that becomes the main player
There’s a chance it could kick Lee a little bit closer to the New England coastline
In any event
Basically the idea is the same a lot of uncertainty remains beyond Tuesday and Wednesday of next week as to where
Hurricane Lee will go so stay tuned to important updates

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