Fuentes: Julio Urías arrestado por violencia doméstica

Fuentes: Julio Urías, arrestado por violencia doméstica

We are back this afternoon Julio Ríos the pitcher of the Los Dodgers
Angeles arrested early this Monday for domestic violence Héctor
We continue with Kike Rojas this afternoon on ESPN Radio Fórmula.
Hey Enrique has already
Open the investigation in this case he is about to soon become
Free agent, right?
On the table so people understand an investigation of
Major League Baseball is completely isolated and independent of an investigation
Public of the law
Of a court of a Major League system has even sanctioned players who
They have been free of accusations in a court then Urias immediately
Detained by the police activates the protocol of the internal policies of
Major League Baseball is isolated from the team and is now under investigation of
Major League Baseball that has nothing to do with what happens in court whether
All accused is presumed innocent or guilty but Major League Baseball
It has its own rules and if in the Major League investigation they
They find enough elements to sanction the player they sanction him
Trevor Bauer was released twice from two cases in California courts and without
However, he received the largest sanction that Major League Baseball has imposed on a
Player was eventually reduced by an independent referee but Great
Leagues sanctioned him for 320 games regardless of whether it was in court
Fully released.
Hey Quique finally knowing fouls
Previous ones like this how much deconcentrate an athlete in the case
De Urias specifically how much can deconcentrate or affect it
Emotionally for what is coming in his sports career.
Much especially
Being at the door of free agency for the first time in his career being a
Second foul that becomes an obstacle in a stumbling block for the
Organizations lower the value they give Urias a complete package, not
Only as a package but as a citizen as a member because it must be remembered that the
Teams are a family and there are other people who think the other players
The families of the other players how they would see a man who went out
Example sanctioned for the second time for domestic violence all that has a
Weight and all that works and affects of course the performance of a player in
This moment are only accusations but experience has already told us that
If there is a police report it is unlikely to be saved from a sanction of the
League at least clear and thank you very much for the timely information
Thank you good afternoon because I think I think yes that the athlete
I don’t know how much it affects you in your concentration on the mound in the case
De Urias when for the second time he commits this lack of domestic violence and
In california if it must affect you a lot my dear
Beto greets everyone for Héctor too much and here what is left aside
That determines the agreement as Kike Rojas said well because even the club because the club
Would have nothing to do with the sanction imposed by the major leagues and the problem is the
Recidivism and the problem is what Kike also told us that it is the first that happens in
Big leagues that reoffend then at the gates of free agency I don’t know if I could even
Even being a great Mexican pitcher to finish his baseball career from the big tent to that
Degree this matter could come because if the previous occasion it was 20 games of suspension
A recidivism that would totally represent that alert that you raise is very

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