Governor Katie Hobbs Joins Announcement of Construction

Governor Katie Hobbs Joins Announcement of Construction of the John S. McCain Education and Community Center

Political gridlock.
Governor Hobbs indicated a willingness to resume sending nominees for Senate review if the former rules are returned. From an outside looking in None of this is normal.

We’re just days away from a potential federal government shutdown with wide-reaching implications. More on that in just a few moments. but we’re also seeing an impasse at our state capitol. And that’s preventing directors of key state agencies from taking their roles. Governor Hobbs is now taking a different approach to all this. Here’s ABC 15’s Jordan Ponke. For the better part of a year. the people Governor Katie Hobbs picked to run various state departmentslike the Department of Housing. Veteran Services. and Child Safety have sat unconfirmed. largely in part to the change in a confirmation process. Over the summer. Governor Hobbs said this about it all. I mean. they’re in place right now. They’re doing the work of government.

They’re going to continue to. and we’re going to continue to help them navigate through. this unprecedented political partisan gamesmanship that the Senate has decided to put in front of them. So the governor started the week by withdrawing 13 of her cabinet nominees.

and having them serve as executive deputy directors of the agencies they were nominated for. Arizona State President Warren Peterson said the newly formed GOP-led confirmation committeeaims to thoroughly vet each nominee. He said some were hyper-partisan and incompetent.

These agencies are critical. Citizens can be harmed and businesses can be harmedif you have an incompetent or hyper-partisan person leading these agencies. And so that’s why we’ve. that’s why we have rejected just a few of them. Peterson added if Hobbs’ nominees. who aren’t yet confirmed. make decisions for those departments. those decisions could be open to litigation. And in a statement on Monday.

Former lawmaker turned political consultant Stan Barnes said this partisan showdown
could change the powers that be inside the Capitol. The play by Republicans on the governor’s nominations was overreached. was overdone. And Republicans may be punished for it in the 2024 election and lose their majority
for the first time in three decades.

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