Groups of young people loot stores in Philadelphia 15 arrested

Groups of young people loot stores in Philadelphia; at least 15 arrested

We’re gonna press on until we are able to get those folks in custody
Because again it has no space in the city
And there are too many people that worked hard in the business community too many people throughout communities in this city
That don’t deserve that type of behavior
And so we’re calling on people that if you know that there are individuals on your block that may have engaged in this that are
Trying to either sell merchandise whatever you may know
Six eight six tips all right give us that information so that we can make those apprehensions
And get those people in custody because again our city can’t afford this type of nonsense
I don’t know that just it just yet
Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a better count of how many businesses were affected by again these individuals tonight.

But the last time in 2020 a lot of the people that were arrested given appearance tickets and then the charges
Let go charges dropped are you are you fearing that what happened again?
And then these people just have no consequences when this comes up,
and they get caught so well as far as our women and men
Go they’re instructed to make the arrest and we’re not going to back down from that
You see criminal activity.
We know that there’s a behavior.
We are going to
We’re yeah,
we are going to affect the arrest
and again
We will work with
The prosecutors here in terms of to move those that process forward
But the bottom line is we’re going to lock them up in terms of it.
We know that there are folks that.

That have been involved in this activity our our folks have been instructed to make the arrest were warranted
As investigations continue to lead us we will make additional arrests and let that play itself out
These were not protesters these were criminals these were people that took advantage of an opportunity
And again,
you know looking to destroy our city and and I say that because everybody in this city should be angry
Everybody that that goes to these businesses should be angry
Everybody that lives in various communities throughout the city that have impacted by by this behavior in 2020 should be angry about what they observed
Tonight and what they’re seeing from you all recording this tonight because again
It’s disgusting and it has no place in this city.
And again,
we all need to work together to nip it as quickly as we can
At this point in time,
we know at least one police vehicle was damaged but no injuries reported thus far again
Go through that.

you know in terms of the officers that were
Out there tonight and make sure that we don’t have any injuries.
We’ll get that information and update for that by morning
Nothing that indicates that at this point in time,
I mean obviously we’ll look at all that
And investigations will be done around those incidents but nothing
You know immediately indicates that they’re that they’re connected in any way as far as the damage to the vehicle
I believe one of the windows was uh,
was a windshield

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