History Biography Career And Movies of Manoj Kumar

History Biography Career And Movies of Manoj Kumar


Manoj Kumar, an iconic figure in the Indian film industry, has left an indelible mark with his powerful performances and deep-rooted patriotism. This article delves into the life, career, and cinematic contributions of this legendary actor and filmmaker.

Early Life and Education

Manoj Kumar was born on July 24, 1937, as Harikishan Giri Goswami in Abbottabad, a part of undivided India (now in Pakistan). His family later moved to Delhi, where he completed his education. Manoj’s early life was marked by a deep sense of nationalism and patriotism, which would later become a recurring theme in his films.

The Journey to Stardom

Manoj Kumar’s journey in the film industry began as an assistant director. He made his acting debut in the film “Fashion” in 1957. However, it was the film “Hariyali Aur Raasta” (1962) that catapulted him to stardom. His roles in movies like “Woh Kaun Thi?” and “Himalaya Ki God Mein” solidified his position as a leading actor.

The Patriotism Icon

Manoj Kumar is often referred to as the “Bharat Kumar” of Bollywood due to his portrayal of patriotic characters. Films like “Upkar,” “Purab Aur Paschim,” and “Kranti” celebrated Indian culture, values, and unity. His on-screen persona as a proud Indian resonated with the audience during a time when patriotism was a significant theme in Indian cinema.

Manoj Kumar’s Awards and Accolades

Throughout his career, Manoj Kumar received several awards and honors, including the prestigious Padma Shri award in 1992. He was also recognized with the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 for his exceptional contribution to Indian cinema.

List of Manoj Kumar’s Notable Movies

Here is a list of some of Manoj Kumar’s most memorable movies:

Upkar (1967)

  • Manoj Kumar played the role of Bharat, a selfless farmer who epitomized rural India’s virtues.

Purab Aur Paschim (1970)

  • In this film, Manoj Kumar portrayed a young man torn between Western and Indian values.

Shor (1972)

  • Manoj Kumar starred as Shankar, a man seeking justice for his wife’s murder.

Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (1974)

  • This film addressed societal issues, with Manoj Kumar taking on the role of a conscientious journalist.

Kranti (1981)

  • Manoj Kumar played a pivotal role in this historical drama about the Indian independence movement.

Clerk (1989)

  • Manoj Kumar directed and acted in this film, showcasing his versatility.

Impact on Indian Cinema

Manoj Kumar’s influence on Indian cinema cannot be overstated. He inspired a generation with his patriotic films, which celebrated the essence of being Indian. His characters were a reflection of the common man, resonating with the masses.

Legacy and Influence

Manoj Kumar’s legacy lives on not only through his films but also in the hearts of those who continue to draw inspiration from his work. His dedication to portraying the true spirit of India in his films has left an indelible mark on Bollywood.


In a career spanning several decades, Manoj Kumar has etched his name in the annals of Indian cinema. His patriotic fervor, exceptional acting skills, and memorable movies make him a true legend. The “Bharat Kumar” of Bollywood will forever be remembered for his contributions to the industry and the nation.

FAQs about Manoj Kumar

FAQ 1: What is Manoj Kumar’s real name?

Manoj Kumar’s real name is Harikishan Giri Goswami.

FAQ 2: Which was Manoj Kumar’s first notable film?

Manoj Kumar’s breakthrough film was “Hariyali Aur Raasta” (1962).

FAQ 3: What awards has Manoj Kumar received in his career?

Manoj Kumar received the Padma Shri and the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to Indian cinema.

FAQ 4: How did Manoj Kumar earn the title “Bharat Kumar”?

Manoj Kumar earned the title “Bharat Kumar” due to his portrayal of patriotic characters in several films.

FAQ 5: What is Manoj Kumar’s most famous patriotic film?

“Upkar” (1967) is one of Manoj Kumar’s most famous patriotic films, where he played the role of Bharat, a selfless farmer.

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