Inside Julianne Hough Greta Gerwig and Event for Women

Inside Julianne Hough and ‘Barbie’ Powerhouses Greta Gerwig and America Ferrera’s High-Stakes Event for Women

What was your first reaction when you heard about a Barbie movie?
Because I think that,
I think like a lot of people,
you’ve been vocal about,
you had sort of mixed feelings about Barbie and not,
it didn’t represent you when you were a kid.
I mean,
I didn’t play with Barbies growing up for a lot of reasons.
Couldn’t afford it,
didn’t represent me,
like didn’t feel like the Barbie world would ever,
you know,
pertain to me.
the first time I heard about the Barbie movie was
Barbie written and directed by Greta Gerwig,
Margot Robbie producing and being Barbie.
And that immediately became an incredibly compelling idea.
I knew that these talented,

incredible women would have a perspective
and would like do us justice.
So I was curious and I read the scripts and I was laughing on page one
and crying and then laughing and crying.
And I had all the feelings in the end.
And my first thought was like,
they’re not going to let her make this.
are they going to let her make this?
Even though like I opened the script feeling like,
I don’t know what this is going to be and I don’t know how it relates to me.
I came out the other end,
I mean,
literally feeling deeply surprised
by how inclusive the world of Barbie was.
And that,
and I felt so honored that Greta was asking me to play Gloria,
who’s essentially the stand in for all of us human women trying to,
you know,
figure out like,

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how are we supposed to feel about someone like Barbie
and what’s the right way to feel about her and what’s the right way to feel about ourselves?
And so it’s amazing to be a part of a moment that is shifting a narrative
that’s so dominant and so influential in our culture,
that in this moment it’s expanding to include more of us.
And that,
you know,
it didn’t have to be that.
It could have been so many things.
And so I felt kind of shocked that Barbie is,
you know,
has been expanded by these wonderful people
to include someone who never felt seen in this world.

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