Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys 2023 Preseason Week 1 Game Highlights

halved his interceptions from his rookie year to 2022 play action to Etienne behind the line of
scrimmage and Lawrence has plenty of time looking way downfield and it’s intercepted did he get a
foot in bounds he did Dallas early on with one tight end to the right they’ll hand it off to
Malik Davis who has nowhere to go stacked up at the line of scrimmage great test for the Cowboys
offensive line here Turpin and Tolbert to the left Rush looks that direction has to shake off a couple
rushing Jaguars but he can’t get away taking down at the 40 yard line would send Kavante Turpin out
for punt return duties and that is exactly what we’ll see here’s this one’s put in the air by Logan
a sideways spinning punt reeled in by Turpin and he lost the football far side and Jacksonville
will hop on top of it the Pro Bowl return man from 2022 pops it up and Gregory Jr. is there for
the recovery field position abundant here for Jacksonville as they get the ball back here’s
Etienne with a burst of speed up inside the 30 yard line under five to play in the first quarter
Lawrence with time to throw steps up delivers back in the end zone and it’s caught for the touchdown
Christian Kirk the Texas A&M Aggie has Jacksonville on the board but again here you guys just worked
his way all the way across the formation but he had time to sit back here all day long look at
Trevor Lawrence he’s too comfortable coming in there at the end of the play most likely be the
final play for the Jacks starting bunch Lawrence with pressure from Sam Williams off the right side
lobs it back to the end zone again this time Zayne Jones elevates and puts both feet down
and it’s eight to nothing Jacksonville in the first quarterbacks at times it makes things
tougher on those wide receivers and sometimes out of the backfield you’re a tailback over
the middle Jake Ferguson elevates and makes the catch back past the 35 yard line and a penalty
marker flies in late but what a grab from the second year man from Wisconsin Rico Gaudel will
sub in he’s to the left now of Rush in the shotgun good for Rush with time underneath to Gaudel
Gaudel bounces to the outside goes up to the numbers Rico Gaudel barreling his way here and
he dropped the football at the one Jacksonville will recover and just when Rico Gaudel thought
he had pay dirt it’s Jaguars football inside the Cowboys five off the field he has so much
admiration for both Dak and Cooper Rush he says Cooper Rush is the smartest guy in the room and
if he could just be a little bit more like Cooper Rush you saw the offensive staff talking to both
quarterbacks Cooper Rush and Will Greer Jacksonville will take over at their own 12 yard
line take Bigsby with some space right side up the sideline stays on his feet he’s finally
pushing out of bounds we saw there he just lost a little bit of discipline play action to Bigsby
Feather lets this one fly deep downfield and it is caught inside the three yard line back on his
feet and into the end zone trying to force Jacksonville to a field goal it’s a read option
Beathard kept it and he’s all alone the entire defense went left Beathard goes right and
Jacksonville scores he has to keep contained this is his responsibility ensure that nothing gets
outside of him his eyes go inside the quarterback pulls that is a good old RPO Dak Prescott’s
Dallas Cowboys currently trailing by 14 in the middle of the second quarter Deuce Vaughn
back to return and he’ll have a chance to bring this out first action for Deuce Vaughn
Vaughn with a seam up the middle of the field and he’s taken down at the 25 third down and less than
one Dallas one of five on third down make it two of six Will Greer still on his feet inside
Jacksonville territory and pushed out of bounds at the 40 by Antonio Johnson phenomenal grab for
the Dallas offense all of a sudden offensive pass interference sets up second and 20 and it’ll be a
little more as Will Greer is swallowed up behind the line of scrimmage a loss of six more Dallas
trailing by 14 Greer with time unloads over the middle it’s completed for a first down Kevonte
Turpin inside the 30 near side of the formation with two receivers up top for Will Greer Greer
with a pocket throws over the middle Jalen Tolbert into the end zone and Dallas is on the board
season and it was a beauty that’s huge Freeman you see this too high safety right there Will
Greer is looking for his man to get right here on the inside that’s Turpin right here
but you’re going to find his way right to the middle here right a nice little scissors route
and it’s up and right down the middle Brandon Aubrey
puts Dallas in the double figures 14 to 10 as the field goal drive is good for Will Greer
in the Dallas offense tours inside of this beautiful venue AT&T Stadium to Ernest Johnson
with a burst of speed up the sideline and inside the 30-yard line Rorke who played
in the CFL for a couple of seasons
for a couple of seasons Rorke locked it in zone looking for the tight end tipped back to himself
Garrett Prince made the grab but it was well out of bounds off the back line
just under four to play Deuce Vaughn taking down behind the line of scrimmage under four to play
here in the third lose the chains for Dallas offensively play action to Vaughn Greer again
Houston this time to the 45-yard line setting up favorable situations on second and short
here goes Deuce Vaughn Deuce Vaughn up to the second level brings a couple tackles and he’s
down to the 20. Deuce chance rain down here from Cowboys Nation Deuce again Deuce in the end zone
Deuce Vaughn for six and Dallas has the lead to be successful here he is right here on the
read option we’ve been seeing this all day long he the defensive end goes up the field 2022 CFL
most outstanding Canadian it’s a real award and he won it last season helps up in the pocket this
time delivers a strike down the right sideline still on his feet inside the five and reaching
for the end zone is Elijah Cooks but he’s pushed out at the four formation right
Warwick will keep it for the second time a QB keeper results in a Jacksonville touchdown and
the Jags have the lead with under nine to play where was that at I say back in the back of the
end zone but again you got got their eyes are getting caught in the back foot a little bit
too much you got these guys that are very aggressive defenders they want to go back
there and make the big play in the backfield going for two work in zone bobbled but caught
just in time and a nice connection with Martin results in to 22-16 but here they are at the
bottom end of the fourth quarter still trying to make plays four-man rush
Warwick had to get out of trouble he does dumps it off and there’s
Snoop Conner for the first down and more finally caught from behind by Marquis Bell
Warwick swarmed stays on his feet somehow he’ll have a chance to get it away and he completes it
for a touchdown Olesen works free but Warwick did the magician work well here you go Warwick
this is your opportunity he sits back here the offensive line absolutely gets destroyed shakes
one man two man three four keeps his eyes down the field finds his receiver down the end boom
that’s a touchdown great job by the converted quarterback slash receiver back to quarterback
Kyle not really sure what’s going on but either way he’s back there making plays and causing a
lot of issues for Dan Quinn in this defense stayed on his feet through all that over 4,000
yards you can see uh fellas Rico Gaudel is at his own one yard line to reel in this one great
seam on the left side Gallagher passed the 40 out of bounds at the 45 there’s a quick
jolt of energy for Rico Gaudel
rear threw it in the coverage it’s intercepted
Braswell over the top and Christian Braswell will put this one on ice for Jacksonville
that ball’s on the ground recovered by Dallas
it was delayed from the second level but Jacksonville gets home with Ventrell Miller
fourth and 11 for Will Greer in Dallas steps up has some space he completes it to John Stevens
and he rumbles his way in touchdown Cowboys and it’s back to a one score game
and here he is keep your eyes on big John Stevens 6’6 245 pounds does a good job of being physical
Will Greer could have taken the run he decided not to he made the defense look at him and he
dished it right off to the big fella offense was moving the ball they had a you know turnover by
Kavante Turpin on a return that you wouldn’t like to see and then obviously Rico Gaudel
had a good play really good play did it had a good reception ran the ball made
a couple guys miss and didn’t fumble right there on the line

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