Joe Rogan Told Mike Tyson About His Jitters Regarding Uncertainty of the Show

10 Years After Fear Factor Cancellation, Joe Rogan Told Mike Tyson About His Jitters Regarding Uncertainty of the Show

The Joe Rogan experience. When I was on like season 5 of Fear Factor I remember
thinking I don’t know how much longer I can do this. What was it about it that was
it was just too much repetitive? It was the same thing over and over again we
did a hundred and forty-eight episodes. Right. It was just after a while it’s
just like Jesus Christ how many animal dicks can you serve people? Right. How
many times can you throw them off buildings? Yeah yeah that’s enough
enough already. It was just there’s no amount of money to get you to come back
to do that or something like that. I did come back in 2011 I came back but I
didn’t have I didn’t have as much money back then and also it was a lot more
money than I got the first time. It was like a big deal because they were good
I think it was I don’t I also don’t remember about the money part but it was
a big deal that it was gonna come back but I immediately regretted it like
immediately I was like oh my god I have a job again yeah I do but I had I was
just having children then you know like yeah you wanted to yeah my kids were
really young and I was like I need like when you have a kid I had an older
daughter but I was already paid for most of that I couldn’t do you have to think
about two children and you think about two children that are like at the time
two and one you’re like oh my god like this is this is serious yeah I have to
make 18 years yeah I have to make a lot of money and I think like all the money
I squirreled away from the original season of Fear Factor that took care of
my family for a long time and it’ll probably be okay but I felt like this
overwhelming responsibility to squirrel away more money more more money but then
once I started doing it I was like oh my god this is a mistake yeah this is a
mistake you’re like this is crazy I’m like I don’t like it yeah fine and then
we got canceled because we serve people jizz who is that the final straw yeah
they had a drink Donkey Kong and that was it that was too much that was it
interesting TMZ saved me that was when you had the moral majority back then and
they would this was a problem like that’s when all the censorship came
primarily right from like right-wing groups um sort of yeah so like the
Obama was it you know the Obama this is the return okay but what it was was the
show had to get more and more extreme and it was very dangerous like it was
freaking me out right because they were taking a lot more crazy risks like one
of them you had to you had a set of keys and you had your partner was
handcuffed to a tree and they were attached to a bungee cord that was
attached to a fucking helicopter okay and the helicopter was how this bungee
cord taught and they’re flying in the sky above a giant Canyon I mean way the
fuck up there right so you got these keys and you’re working these keys and
the idea is the first person to get the key lock open right you unlock the thing
and then the person is shooting into the sky and I remember seeing them going
what if something snaps what if something breaks yeah we watch someone
follow their death like what the fuck are we doing you know you just have a
bunch of executives going oh they just make a face you know they would just go
yeah not great I had a joke about it that they were gonna kill us all and
then guns down then blame it on the terrorists don’t let the terrorists take
away your fear factor back with Mario Lopez yeah and I would just joke I was
always joking around how Mario Lopez is gonna replace did you ever feel weird
morally about it cuz you have these people that are coming in that are
putting themselves in these positions no because I would have done it I would
have done it when I was broke I would eat an animal dick yeah throw a puke in
my face right there are people that we know will do it now you know everybody
that works at the store yeah we’ll all do it now and a lot of us have money and
there was the idea that they could do that and you know and move it on to a
career the only one is actually moved it on to a real career is Michael Yeo
Michael Yeo was on season one of Fear Factor episode one episode one
interesting and he’s a guy is he a comic yeah he’s a comic does it’s doing
really well it’s wild just filmed a special he’s a really good guy that’s
great really funny he’s hilarious so some people can start on Fear Factor a
hundred percent yeah one hundred and forty eight episodes three people per
episode yeah I remember I tested for a reality show on Food Network and they
had me on set for about an hour and they were like yeah this is not I said I said
like three things into the camera and they go none of this will ever this is
not gonna work

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