Justin Jefferson Becomes NFL’s Fastest to 5000 Receiving Yards

Justin Jefferson Becomes NFL’s Fastest to 5,000 Receiving Yards

The backside ends at the coverage.

Second and seven cousins to Jefferson.

he’s got his first catch of the season tackle very close to a first


This is what makes it hard.


Justin Jefferson can take any catch.

throw it high.

He’s going to go get it.

just put it around and put it in the area.

But I love Connell getting Kirk into a rhythm.

an under wrap from Justin Jefferson.

not his best throw.

but good enough wasn’t taken that way.

He’s got the couldn’t take about territory.

34 under zone coverage.

You want to attack the scene.

It’s the.

it’s the part of the field where they vacate.

This is a great job by Kevin o’connell scheming it up to get Justin Jefferson in the

slot driving that ball down the field by Kirk Cousins huge explosive.


She and finally these Viking fans

can erupt a 26 yard pick up for Jefferson deep crossers very

nicely done.

Here’s Jefferson angled out by Carlton Davis

and Cousins called KJ Osborne a 2822.

What’s that?

Third and one cousins looking to throw?

He’s got Jefferson at the 30.

Jefferson still going inside the 20 pushed out of bounds by Carlton

Davis get some interaction in the board

as to Jefferson and the bounds right there.

Carlton Davis all over him.

Once again.

it brings up third down.

I can still without their starting center Garrett Bradbury who went out early with a back injury.

He open the 40 inside the 30 tripped up at the 25

ball came out late.

but they’re saying he was down.

This is beautiful over the middle.

wide open.

This is not what to Bowles is looking for.

And then you get him in space.


you know.

he’s a shoelace away from scoring a touchdown right there.

I expect Tampa to try and do something different after the half.

you know.

coming into this game trying to say you’re going to take him away and then he comes out and he’s got over 100

Jefferson in motion on second and eight cousins going his way.

He’s got it at the 30 had a spin away and he cannot tackled

by Ryan Neal Jefferson at 138 yards in the first half.

He’s got five yards in the second half.

Of course.

they find him here that makes seven.

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