Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport A Gateway to France’s Heartland

An Overview

  1. Introduction to Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport
  2. History and Development
  3. Location and Accessibility
  4. Terminals and Facilities
  5. Airlines and Destinations
  6. Passenger Experience
  7. Ground Transportation
  8. Cargo Operations
  9. Environmental Initiatives
  10. Future Expansion Plans
  11. Economic Impact
  12. Fun Facts about the Airport
  13. Travel Tips for Lyon Saint Exupéry
  14. Conclusion
  15. FAQs

Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport: A Gateway to France’s Heartland

Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport, named after the famed French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is one of the key gateways to the picturesque region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. This article explores the airport’s history, facilities, connectivity, and its importance in connecting travelers to this beautiful part of France.

History and Development

Founded in 1975, Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport has a rich history of growth and development. It was initially known as Lyon Satolas Airport and has evolved into a state-of-the-art international hub. The airport has played a significant role in connecting the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with the rest of the world.

Location and Accessibility

Situated in Colombier-Saugnieu, Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is strategically located just 25 kilometers east of Lyon city center. Its prime location makes it easily accessible by road, train, and even a dedicated tram line. This accessibility has made it a popular choice for travelers seeking to explore Lyon and the surrounding areas.

Terminals and Facilities

The airport boasts four modern terminals, each catering to specific types of flights. Terminal 1 is primarily for domestic flights, while Terminal 2 is dedicated to international and Schengen area flights. Terminals 1 and 2 provide passengers with a wide range of services, including duty-free shops, dining options, and lounges.

Airlines and Destinations

Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is a thriving hub for numerous airlines, both full-service and low-cost carriers. It offers connections to a vast array of destinations across Europe, North Africa, and beyond. Whether you’re planning a city break or a long-haul adventure, this airport has you covered.

Passenger Experience

The airport is renowned for its exceptional passenger experience. Travelers can enjoy art exhibitions, comfortable seating areas, and a variety of dining options. The airport’s focus on passenger well-being and convenience ensures a pleasant start or end to your journey.

Ground Transportation

Getting to and from Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is a breeze. The airport is well-connected by road, and a dedicated tram line takes you directly to the city center. Additionally, rental car services and taxis are readily available for those who prefer private transportation.

Cargo Operations

Apart from serving passengers, Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is a significant hub for cargo operations. It plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods, further boosting the economic significance of the region.

Environmental Initiatives

The airport is committed to sustainability, with various environmental initiatives in place. These include reducing energy consumption, waste management, and promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

Future Expansion Plans

Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport has ambitious plans for future expansion to accommodate the growing demand for air travel. These plans include the construction of a new terminal and enhanced cargo facilities.

Economic Impact

The airport significantly contributes to the local and regional economy by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. It serves as a crucial transportation hub for businesses in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Fun Facts about the Airport

  • The airport’s IATA code, LYS, comes from the name of the city, Lyon.
  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, after whom the airport is named, was a pioneering aviator and author of “The Little Prince.”
  • Lyon Saint Exupéry hosts art exhibitions throughout the year, adding a cultural touch to your journey.

Travel Tips for Lyon Saint Exupéry

  • Arrive early to explore the airport’s unique art installations.
  • Consider using the dedicated tram service for quick access to Lyon.
  • Check for any duty-free shopping deals before your departure.


Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is not just a transportation hub; it’s a gateway to the heart of France. With its rich history, extensive facilities, and commitment to sustainability, this airport is a testament to Lyon’s welcoming spirit. Whether you’re visiting Lyon for business or pleasure, your journey begins here.


  1. How far is Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport from Lyon city center?
    • The airport is approximately 25 kilometers east of Lyon city center.
  2. What are the environmental initiatives at the airport?
    • The airport is focused on reducing energy consumption, effective waste management, and promoting eco-friendly transportation options.
  3. Are there any unique features at Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport?
    • Yes, the airport hosts art exhibitions, and it is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince.”
  4. What is the airport’s IATA code?
    • The IATA code for Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport is LYS, derived from Lyon’s name.
  5. How can I get from the airport to Lyon city center?
    • You can take a dedicated tram line, use road transportation, or opt for rental cars and taxis for private transport.

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