Manhunt for escaped killer continues for 6th day

Manhunt for escaped killer continues for 6th day leaving school districts closed and a Pennsylvania community on edge

a man-hunt for a dangerous killer is now in its sixth day,
MBC’s George Solis is in Pennsylvania
with the latest.
Pennsylvania State Police,
who is the lead agency in this investigation,
announcing there
have been additional sightings,
the convicted killer,
Danielle O’Cosell,
One of the latest sightings captured on a private trail camera,
not far from the initial search
The new sightings sparking school closures and that expanded perimeter.
still saying he is extremely dangerous and our urging residents coming home from the long weekend
to check their belongings to see if there’s been any disturbance to their home.
We also spoke
to a homeowner who believes his home may have been burglarized by the convicted killer,
he was missing some supplies and some tools.
Now officials are saying they’re looking into
every credible tip that comes in because they believe that they are pushing him out of that
initial search zone and they will be able to capture him as this terrain is slightly more open than
where they have been searching.
So they’re asking residents to have a little resiliency and a little
flexibility as perimeter may change and some road closures may be altered.
So I mentioned some
of the school closures that are in effect.
Those may be changing on a day by day basis as this search
goes on because officials are saying they are going to continue putting pressure on Danielle O’Covell,
forcing him to make a mistake and get out into the open.
They are flooding this area with
Law strengthening agency.
So at last check,
there’s some 200 agencies from state local and federal
outlets here just canvassing this area.
Any sign of Kabul,
Conte is what they’re looking for.
And mind you,
state police saying that they have been authorized to use deadly force of warranted
and we should also know there are still a $10,000
reward on the table for any information that leads to
his capture.
That’s the latest back to you.


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