Manhunt for the escaped Pennsylvania killer draws hundreds of officers

Manhunt for the escaped Pennsylvania killer draws hundreds of officers to small township where he’s believed to be armed with a rifle

this was quite a side.
The action camp rolling today is an ATF special response team from Virginia,
An East-Nantmille township.
They brought with them two canines,
dozens of agents,
and a bare cat armored vehicle.
Action News is what it Perez was right there when that happened.
He’s live this afternoon with more of the ongoing search efforts today.
That’s right,
Authorities say there is no longer a perimeter as the man hunts on expands.
beyond the original focus in and around Longwood Gardens.
Suffice it to say that people who live in this becollex section of our region are pretty
stressed out.
To say that this section of Chester County is rural would be an understatement.
There’s 16 square miles in this township half of its preserved,
so it’s just a century old
woodline farmland that has been touched,
so it’s definitely frightening.
Action News was there earlier today when the most recent addition arrived to take part in the
These men or members of an ATF Special Response Team from Virginia,
they arrived and staged
at the Nantmille United Methodist Church with a bare cat armored vehicle,
two canine units
and approximately two dozen agents.
They join hundreds of other investigators,
searching this part of Chester County because this
is near where a scape killer dennello Cabal Conte dumped a van this past weekend,
she had recently stolen.
As of this evening,
authorities have only said,
they believe Cabal Conte is still
in Pennsylvania.
The focus on East Nantmille comes with the hope of finding helpful clues at worst and recapturing
this fugitive at best.
People who live around here say East Nantmille has always been the kind of place where people
leave their doors unlocked until now.
I’ve talked to multiple people of the yesterday that were scrambling to get home to lock their
doors because we didn’t expect it to get this close.
And so authorities are encouraging people around here to lock their doors,
remain vigilant and
report anything they might see as suspicious.
Once again,
the new reward $25,000
for anything that leads to the recapture of this convicted
Reporting live from East Nantmille,
Walter Perez,
Channel 6,
Action News.

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