Marc Marquez: No Special Treatment at Ducati in MotoGP 2024


The world of MotoGP has been abuzz with excitement as the 2024 season approaches, with one of the most significant developments being the highly anticipated move of six-time world champion Marc Marquez to the Ducati team. While Marquez’s switch from Honda to Ducati has generated immense fanfare, the Catalan rider has made it clear that he is not expecting any special treatment within his new team.

A New Beginning

For nearly a decade, Marc Marquez was synonymous with Repsol Honda. He achieved remarkable success with the Japanese outfit, winning multiple world championships and becoming one of the most iconic riders in the history of the sport. However, his journey took a different turn as he signed with Ducati, a team with a rich history of its own and an ambition to secure more world titles.

Equal Footing

Despite Marquez’s illustrious career and his superstar status in the world of MotoGP, he has maintained a grounded perspective as he embarks on this new chapter. The 31-year-old rider has been clear that he does not expect any preferential treatment or special privileges at Ducati. He understands that racing is a team effort, and success comes from collaboration, not individual perks.

Team Principle’s Assurance

Gigi Dall’Igna, the team principal of the Ducati Corse, has been quick to affirm that Marc Marquez will be treated like any other rider on the team. Dall’Igna stated, “At Ducati, we have a strong team culture. While Marc is undoubtedly one of the greatest riders in the history of MotoGP, he will not receive any special treatment. We believe in creating a level playing field for all our riders to ensure fair competition.”

Marquez’s Work Ethic

Marc Marquez is renowned for his incredible work ethic and dedication to his craft. He understands that success in MotoGP is not guaranteed and that winning races and championships requires relentless effort. His commitment to training, practice, and adapting to the unique characteristics of the Ducati Desmosedici will be the key to his success with the team.

Team Harmony

In the intensely competitive world of MotoGP, team harmony is crucial. A single mistake or misjudgment can cost a rider valuable points or even a championship. Marquez’s willingness to work alongside his new teammates and the Ducati engineering staff has been praised by his colleagues and superiors, as it sets a positive tone for the upcoming season.

The Road Ahead

The 2024 MotoGP season promises to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. With Marc Marquez joining Ducati, fans can expect intense battles on the track and a new level of competition. While the move of a superstar rider like Marquez to a new team often raises questions about preferential treatment, the Catalan champion’s commitment to a level playing field and his determination to work collaboratively bode well for a thrilling season ahead.


As the MotoGP community eagerly awaits the start of the 2024 season, the focus is not only on Marc Marquez’s impressive career but also on his approach to his new journey with Ducati. By not expecting special treatment and instead emphasizing teamwork, he is setting a positive example for the sport. His decision to embrace a new challenge with humility and a strong work ethic shows that, despite his status as a legend in the sport, he remains a rider committed to the thrill and challenge of competitive racing.

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