Officials begin probe into what caused a bus carrying 40 students to crash

Officials begin probe into what caused a bus carrying 40 students to crash down a ravine killing 2 adults

Right now officials are giving an update from state police headquarters.
We see Governor Hochul on that crash in Orange County.
Let’s listen in
Marching band en route to a camp in Pennsylvania
No one could have foreseen
What these 40 students and four adults would have experienced but certainly there are families grieving today
They say grief is the price you pay for love
We have families
We have a school a school district the county and indeed an entire state
That is grieving at this time
at approximately
112 p.m.
This afternoon.
New York State Police patrolling I-84 as is customary
Responded to a call and they got to
the site of the
accident a
That Lily tumbled down a 50-foot ravine
Within minutes.
it’s extraordinary and to our state police
Once again.
I’m in awe of what you do
But imagine the fear the screams in the aftermath
When these high school students many of them freshmen were surrounded by this chaos
But they endured they were strong and within 45 minutes
Because of the efforts of an incredible amount of teamwork
These young people and the adults were brought to safety many of them
Within a short time of the accident while it’s preliminary.
It is likely that a faulty front tire
contributed to the accident
Although again.
this is still under investigation.
Those are that’s a preliminary determination
When I talk about those who respond I do want to acknowledge
Some incredible people who put on their uniforms every day
Who are there in our time of need and my god these this was a time of need
To Colonel Richard Mazzone
The assistant deputy superintendent of this troop.
I thank him for his quick response
the men and women who are participating
Also the Orange County Sheriff
Parra to Paul our art Adam.
I want to thank the sheriff
Because he and his deputies were there also responding so quickly the city of Middletown police
I thank them and the countless
Fire and rescue departments that showed up
Lily running in the danger
Uncertain as to whether or not that bus could explode or whether they’d be safe.
but they never questioned
They just respond and we owe them our gratitude every single day
Also the other individuals who jumped in the gear right around the corner
Zuni orange Orange County Community College a place where the families of these young people could travel from
Nassau County and to be greeted with a community of warmth and caring.
I’m grateful to them
I’m also grateful for
our Commissioner of Education who’s here Betty Rosas who’s here to ensure that these young people are cared for
As she does for all the children of the state
I’m also grateful for
Our county executives Steve Newhouse who I spoke to not long ago his quick response his entire team
and a county executive
Who represents the families that are grieving?
Because thus far the account is for fatalities.
I’m sorry to two fatalities
to adults
But there are five or six students that are in critical condition
At any one of six hospitals in the vicinity
More will be reported at this time.
I like criminal zone
Describe in more detail what we know at this time
We’ll give all the information to the public and to the press as soon as we know it
But at this point and I think our county executive for being here traveling
But there’s a lot of families that need some love tonight
And we extend that from 20 million New Yorkers
Who all know how much we cherish our children our adults our band leaders and
Life will be a little bit emptier without them.
So let’s keep them in our prayers
This evening and as they recover from this horrific traumatic experience
Thank you with that.
I introduce Colonel Richard Mazone
Thank You governor
Good evening.
I’m lieutenant colonel Richard Mazone the assistant deputy superintendent of our uniformed force
At approximately 1 12 p.m
Today members of the New York State Police Troop F responded to the scene of a rollover
Commercial bus accident on interstate 84 westbound in the town of way way on da
The commercial bus was carrying adults and student band members from Farmingdale High School in Farmingdale.
New York
There were 44 passengers on the bus 40 students and four adults at this time
We have two confirmed fatalities both adults and several serious injuries including five critical
the deceased have been identified as Gina Pelleteri 43 years old from massive piece Massapequa.
New York and
Beatrice Ferrari
77 years old from Farmingdale.
New York
victims have been taken to six area hospitals a
Reunification Center has been established at Orange County Community College in the Diana physical education building
Located at 9 East Conklin Avenue in Middletown.
New York
our collision reconstruction unit and commercial vehicle enforcement unit are on scene as
the governor indicated at this time preliminary information indicates a
Failure of a front tire may have been a contributing factor to this accident
Interstate 84 is currently closed and is expected to remain closed for several hours while we continue our investigation
We ask that motorists avoid the area and seek alternative routes as this is an active investigation
Those are all the details.
We will be releasing at this time
I would ask anyone with any information to contact the state police at 8 4 5 3 4 4 5 3 0 0
Any updates will be posted to the New York State Police newsroom
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and I thank you at this time
I’m going to turn this over to Bruce Blakeman the Nassau County executive
Thank you very much
What started out as an incredibly beautiful day in New York State?
Our students left Farmingdale High School on their way for a band trip
They were members of the band at Farmingdale High School
their friends their companions
they had a weekend planned of fun and
enjoying their
musicianship and
The day ended in tragedy for so many on behalf of the 1.5
Million residents of Nassau County our hearts go out
to all of the families of
Farmingdale High School and our condolences to all those who passed today.
dispatched our chief deputy county executive to Port Jervis
where we’ve set up a command team there as well as
We have a command team over at
Westchester County Hospital
Where those who are in severe critical condition are being treated right now
I want to thank first of all
the Farmingdale superintendent Paul
Defendini for the way in which you handled this crisis
I’ve received compliments from everybody up here today on the way that you coolly and calmly
Handled this crisis.
I want to thank Governor Holkill
for the resources that she’s given us and
The support and the comfort of love that she’s extended to the residents of Nassau County
I also want to thank Orange County executive my friend Steve Newhouse
For all of his assistance and that of his staff.
I also want to thank Orange County Sheriff Paul Arteta
Thank you for you and all of you our staff and all your deputies that assisted
I especially want to thank the fire and EMT services
Throughout Orange County that responded so quickly and with such care and comfort for those who are injured
right now
We have some severely injured people at various locations.
and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank them
Westchester Medical Center the bond secures Hospital st.
Luke’s Hospital
Anthony’s and the Garnett Health Network.
Thank you to all those health care providers
For all the care that you’ve given to the injured and we pray for their speedy recovery
The only advice I can give to anybody tonight is hug your children very tight
life is very precious and our kids started out today thinking they were going to have a
Wonderful weekend
with their friends and
Unfortunately these things happen.
but if it wasn’t for the people behind me and all that they did
we would have lost more and
They wouldn’t have gotten the care as quickly as they did so on behalf of all of Nassau County
Thank you to our brothers and sisters up here in Orange County and for our state police the Department of Homeland Security
And all those the Sheriff’s Department what a magnificent job they did
And thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.
God bless you all and God bless America
Are you listening to a press conference at state police barracks?
Concerning the terrible accident of a charter school bus from Farmingdale High School
we’re told there were two fatalities two adults and five to six students were critically wounded and
right now we can tell you that with two women on the bus who were killed and
for now at least a preliminary
Result of the investigation is that there may have been a failure of a front tire contributing to the accident
And that was a really an important piece of information that came from that news conference there today because a lot of us
Obviously this afternoon wondering how in the world this bus veered off the road and ended up down this embankment
We knew that the weather really played no factor and judging from this news conference and from initial
Investigation reports it sounds as though that there was a faulty front tire that did contribute to this accident a
43 year old woman and also a 77 year old woman are confirmed dead
We are told that there are about five or six students that remain in critical condition tonight
We will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you updates as we get them throughout the evening here
but before we


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