One last chance to impress before the regular season starts


Three tight end set first and ten
Jones to throw
The ball gets discharged and incomplete on a first and ten
Hyatt takes the end around and that is gobbled up and shut down by Jeremy Chin. There’s a flag on the play as well
Here’s Thomas here he’s coming out
Is that the line of scrimmage is it real?
Hodgins to the top of your screen
Slayton’s in the right slot
Bellinger, touchdown Giants
So the Giants go 75 yards on their opening drive
Jones to Bellinger. In here punch together Bob, one goes inside
And replaces he blocks
Releases and catches the touchdown
If you were Carolina, you’d be double teamed. Third and five for Taylor and the Giants
Taylor got hit. Gray tried to pick up a blitz and got run over a little bit
Second and ten
And the pass complete to the rookie Mingo
Bounces off a pin-off tackle
And that’s a gain of 16
Taken in the second round and Carl, he’s a force. He had 225 pounds. He didn’t budge much
They have Hurst
flex to the right
Thibodeau with the sack on Young
Young’s waiting for Alan Thienen to come open
Operation is clean
And Wright connects. So Carolina’s on the board. Giants up 7-3. Cager in motion
Runs for it and he’s got the first down
They’re running again. Tyrod’s gonna get a first down and more
Gain of 16 for Taylor. There’s the escape route. That’s good toughness by the rookie and he boxes him out
Second and ten. Hyatt remains in. Stacked with Campbell
That’s how you make up for the drop. Yeah, he ran a post corner right at this
Here and then he just breaks out and I mean he puts on the Jets and creates that
Cano with the kickoff. Blackshear back deep. He’s gonna run it out. Started his career at Rutgers, finished at Virginia Tech
Carter Coughlin on the tackle for the Giants
First and ten for the Panthers and Matt Corral in a quarterback
He has really struggled
during training camp
for Corral and the Panthers
No pressure. Plenty of time
And that hits the back of Pinnock. No flag on the play
Let’s set the Giant offensive line because Gulawinski’s back in at right guard
first and 20
Taylor tripped up and sacked on the play by Raekwon Williams
And that’s been a problem since he’s been
With the organization. Run these types of routes are impressive. Here he is again. Tyrod
Buying some time. Hodgins runs out of a tackle
And he takes it to the 23-yard line gain of 25 for Isaiah Hodgins
Mark Milton the rookie free agent out of Baylor with the whiff on the tackle
To the run
And now the signal and a touchdown
Eric Graham
The far side official said he broke the plane
Punches it in from nine yards out. Izudu had a big block there sealing out
Let’s see anything hit
Let’s see did the elbow hit before he broke the plane breaks the plane
All that all you need is the tip of the football to break the front part of the plane
Gray that angle it’s a little tougher to tell the down-the-line angle gave us the best look
Corral with time and that pass broken up by Javarius Owens the rookie safety
Javarius Owens the rookie safety
That time Evan Neal got run around and Taylor gets sacked
It got him with an in tackle twist
He didn’t pass it off and got his quarterback hit
So first and ten for the Panthers from midfield
Corral under pressure tight end screen and it’s read perfectly by Belton Dave Belton the safety second-year man
Went eight for nine Waller had three catches
Hit behind the line and that’s Jordan Riley again
Leonard Williams the Giants just didn’t have depth on the defensive line between A’s Sean Robinson and
Nacho and now you take a guy like Jordan Riley is a sack by Taman Fox
Getting pressure on Corral. We will talk to
Joe Shane about how he’s revamped
this offense with with Eric
Let’s see if right can adapt to it from 53
This year you’ve got more competition in camp than you’ve seen yeah
Yeah, absolutely
And that’s a good thing and we we saw that this evening with some of these young players that are making plays and that’s gonna
Make the decisions even more difficult, but he was on the defender gets up. He keeps running
What did you like about him to bring him into the program to at least kick the tires on you know?
We’re scouring and every other team and their games and and seeing how guys
Reacting impactful situation look like he got there early on that one
Corral the throw
Gets to the outside and gets the first down
Owen’s got some pressure
Corral completes it Smith wide open
And he takes it inside the ten the Giants, but now that he’s
Kind of found his his groove here. He’s moving in and out of the pocket moving around the pocket eyes down the field
Second and goal Blackshear on the handoff in for the touchdown for the Panthers
their first of the night
Just everybody’s washed down here, and he goes right through the alley
Panthers are going to go for two
Corbin hit behind the line, and he’s not getting there. Yeah, that’s no shot on that one
excellent play by Kobe Jones
For himself
Luton second year out of Oregon State little slipstream
And he’s able to complete it and for extra yardage
Alex Cook really showed up in the game last week Carl in fact we talked to coach Dave about it
Said you know he played opportunity to contribute more to this offense now. He finds himself competing for a spot
Luke lobs it into the end zone for a touchdown
Gary Jennings with the catch
Over Darren Evans if there’s our two-point conversion away from
Pulling this to within a one-point game
Blitzer there has got to put some bricks in his pants here cuz
No, Zion Gilbert third and ten for the Panthers with 155 to go they have the one timeout remaining trailing by two
Luton hit by Ximena’s runs out of the sack and then the pass knocked away by Carter Coughlin
With time
But that’s a good one to drop because you take over at the 20. Yeah, Carolina has just one timeout
Corbin engulfed in the backfield
Had no shot
Brian Dable saw a starting offense on the first series of the game go 75 yards Daniel Jones was eight for nine
Waller had three catches Bellinger a touchdown catch


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