Prince William Visits FDNY Firehouse to Wrap New York City Trip

Prince William Visits FDNY Firehouse to Wrap New York City Trip — and Does a Surprise Walkabout!

There was a royal visit to New York City today with Prince William making his first trip to
the Big Apple in nearly a decade.
The Prince’s visit is part of his EarthShot initiative.
which highlights innovative solutions
to the world’s environmental challenges.
CBS’s Meg Oliver has more on the future king’s busy schedule.
In a New York minute.
Prince William made stops all over the city.
Near the hallowed ground of the World Trade Center site.
Prince William met with first
responders at a fire station.
What do you think was the turning point?
On the importance of mental health care.
a cause he is passionate about supporting.
he was waste-tying the waters of New York Harbor.
harvesting oysters with
school kids and volunteers in the Billion Oyster Project.
which works to revitalize
the state’s waterways.
Prince William met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to discuss climate change
ahead of the EarthShot summit.
And today.
the crowning moment of Prince William’s tour.
announcing the 15 finalists
of the EarthShot Prize.
which he founded in 2020.
a global search for solutions
that will repair and protect the environment.
There are people out there doing incredible things that will have a massive impact on
our futures.
I’m super excited to represent the USA.
Peter Majoranowski is the CEO of Cirque Inc.
The Virginia-based company has developed
an innovative way to break down the fashion industry’s waste.
The textiles are one of the biggest polluters on the planet.
and less than one percent
is currently recycled back into textiles.
Prince William will announce the winners next month in Singapore.
He told the summit he went running in Central Park this morning.
along with
hordes of New Yorkers doing their morning routine.
and I heard nobody notice that it was him.
Meg Oliver.
Thank you.

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