Quién tuvo el día libre este Día del Trabajo en San Diego; ¿Hay recolección de basura

Quién tuvo el día libre este Día del Trabajo en San Diego; ¿Hay recolección de basura?

Do you know when Labor Day is in America?
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Labor Day or Labor Day is one of the most important celebrations in the United States,
As it commemorates workers and their contribution to society.
It is a holiday that is celebrated every September with the aim of honoring the workers
And its impact on the economy.
In the United States, Labor Day is the last anniversary of the summer
And it is also a time to reflect on the history of the labor movement in the American Union
And on the rights and working conditions of workers.
The origin of Labor Day in the United States dates back to the labor movement of the 19th century.
In those years the country was going through a time of industrial growth never seen before,
Which was built through submission to the worker.
Employees lived cornered,
With long days,
Poor wages and conditions of insecurity.
So little by little they began to organize to improve their working conditions.
On 5 September 1882 one of the most important events in the history of the Labor movement occurred.
This day the Central Labor Union of New York,
One of the most important trade union organizations in American history,
Gathered more than 10,000 in a march
Workers in favor of labor rights.
They protested for having better salaries,
For reducing your working hours
And for having much safer working conditions.
Workers began demanding that Labor Day become an official commemoration of the United States.
Little by little,
And in different parts of the country,
The idea was having more strength.
They wanted workers to be recognized and their working conditions improved.
From 1884 the march for Labor Day was made annually.
It took more than 10 years for the United States to officially recognize Labor Day.
This occurred during Grover Cleveland’s presidency,
Who in 1894 signed a law declaring every first Monday in September as Labor Day.
From 1894 it was decreed that the first Monday in September would be a federal holiday.
The US president’s decision was prompted by a strike by railway workers
And served as an incentive to calm the protests,
While the country’s workers were recognized.
For this 2023, Labor Day in the United States will be celebrated next Monday, September 4.
On this date the workers are commemorated.
Marches are held throughout the United States,
Cultural events
And it is even celebrated with pyrotechnics in honor of the workers.
Despite the fact that other countries celebrate it on May 1,
In the United States Labor Day takes place every first Monday in September.
And since it’s a federal holiday,
Banks and government offices remain unworked.
And why is it celebrated in September?
International Labor Day is celebrated every May 1st.
The date of the celebration in the American Union is different.
Both seek to commemorate the workers.
The origin of this day is found in the Chicago Railway movement of 1886.
At that time the railway workers mobilized,
They staged a strike and protested to get an eight-hour workday.
On May 1, 1886, Chicago workers clashed with police,
Which left several dead.
The protest culminated in the murder of union leaders,
Also known as the martyrs of Chicago,
On November 11, 1887.
The May 1 protest and the struggle of the Chicago martyrs
Was marked in the history of the United States.
In honor of the memory of the workers,
It was established that the first of May would be considered as the International Labor Day.
In the United States the date generated tension between the government and the workers
And was associated on May 1 with riots and protests.
To prevent the Labor Day commemoration from raising tension between the government and presidents,
President Cleveland chose to establish Labor Day as a national holiday
The first Monday of every September.
On this date,
In addition to parades,
Festivals and events in various states,
Is a reminder that working conditions must be improved.
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