Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has gorgeous locations but this flaming cheese has cooled

Review: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ has gorgeous locations but this flaming cheese has cooled

We’re Cardi Creaks.
A lot has happened since my fake fat Greek wedding.
My father passed away.
And his last wish was for us to visit his childhood village
and reconnect with our roots.
So we’re having a reunion.
We’re Cardi Creaks.
And by the way,
I mean…
The whole family.
I’m so lucky.
Paging so lucky.
Anybody by the name of so lucky on this flight.
I didn’t know you were going to be here.
You’re doing here.
I had an amazing date.
She ghosted him.
You are the protocol of family.
We are related through your papa’s couple.
We were married to my great friend,
Yaya Sister Strino.
it’s all over the world.
I will be your favorite.
I promised my dad I would find his best friend.
I know them today still live here.
How do we find them?
They will come for the reunion.
Did they tell you they’re coming?
There’s no other bedroom.
Family’s please.
This is one reunion.
We’ll never forget.
Do you know these men?
I am surprised.
But I am not surprised.
Because I’m never surprised.
You lost me.
You didn’t about Aristotle last night.
How did you know?
Great rule.
I really need to find my dad’s friends.
Enjoy one hour on it.
Let’s go.
I’m calling it.
You got his back to crease.
You’re the head of the family now.
I’m not.
I can’t really do drink like this.
Don’t worry.
A lady is another drunk.
The one we have for dinner.
thank you.
I’m a vegetarian.


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