Swinney says Clemson’s loss to Duke ‘almost indescribable’

Swinney says Clemson’s loss to Duke ‘almost indescribable

Meanwhile dabbles when he trying to figure things out.
This is really pretty remarkable context that he gives you on this loss
congratulations to Duke and coach Elko.
Mean just to you know,
obviously a huge huge win for them and they they earned it and they deserved it
incredibly disappointing loss
That’s honestly all my years of football
I’ve never been a part of a game like that ever
Been here at Clemson a long time
Since I’ve been the head coach.
We were 58.
No when we rushed for 200 and passed for 200
That’s usually a pretty good indicator and I think in Clemson history
We were a hundred and eight.
No never lost ever
you know,
but you got to finish you got to finish and obviously we did not do that
so many opportunities
You know on the one yard line a couple times
One for four in the red zone,
you know took the obviously the turnovers three turnovers a couple low block kicks
That really didn’t even give him a chance
But you know again
Twice first and goal from the one and we get no points
You know,
it’s just it’s just it’s it’s really really disappointing and there’s really nothing else you can say about it.
you got to give them credit because they hung in there they made plays
they didn’t I mean again,
we’ve got a lot of yards and a lot of first downs,
You know,
we didn’t make the the critical play when we needed to
To get the point.
you know just just a really disappointing night again,
you know every indicator
That you think’s gonna win,
you know 200 200 29 first down 715 on third down
but it came down to red zone three turnovers and
The two block kicks so just incredibly disappointing
you know start force
incredibly disappointing so
but again,
congratulations to Duke and
You know,
they got a heck of a team and it’ll have a great season and for us
I mean not to start that we wanted
But you know,
we got it.
We got to learn from it and we got to you know,
get quick turnaround
We got another came here in a couple days.
So just got to get back to work
I mean,
you know,
there’s there’s put our head down.
this is
Incredible disappointment,
you know again for the start of the season and there’s you know
people gonna see the score and you know make
Judgment on our team,
but I love us football team.
I love this team and
See I see a lot of opportunity ahead and so we got to stay together
We got again we got to you know,
do the routine things
I mean,
we just didn’t do the basic routine things and some critical situations and that that really cost us
but there’s nothing we can do about it now,
but move forward and try to get a win this week and just you know,
put our head down and take them one at a time and you know,
look up and see if we can
you know find a way to
You know look back at the end of the season and say hey,
It was a bad start,
but we had a great finish and so
That’s how we got to look at it
But you know just just hurt for my team because again they played hard and they put themselves in position there
But we just didn’t just had some critical mistakes and they took advantage of them
Mike Elko expected to join us here sometime in the next 20 minutes or 20 however long until the bottom of the hour
He’ll be on the show
Tonight the third time that Clemson had multiple red zone turnovers since Davo took over each of those previous instances came back in
2016 and they had to Sean Watson under center and that’s really when the Clemson narrative
Changed and they became a whole different deal.
They have been a bully on the block,
but Duke earned this win tonight
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