Taylor Schabusiness gets life without parole for murder dismemberment

Taylor Schabusiness gets life without parole for murder dismemberment

The Green Bay woman convicted of murdering and dismembering her boyfriend’s body in his mother’s home appeared in court for sentencing today.
Shad Therian was 25 years old when he was killed in February of 2022.
In July of this year,
a Brown County jury found Taylor Shabizniz guilty of first-degree intentional homicide,
mutilating a corpse and third-degree sexual assault.
That same jury also found that Shabizniz did not have a mental disease or defect at the time of the crime.
Today she appeared for her sentencing.
Local 5’s Samantha Petters was in the courtroom now and brings us the latest.
After a hearing that lasted a few hours,
the judge sentenced Taylor Shabizniz to life in prison without parole.
As you can see,
Taylor Shabizniz came to court in an orange jumpsuit with some type of face covering over her head.
Local 5 has reached out to the Brown County Jail as to what the covering was used for and haven’t heard back.
During the sentencing,
the defense called several character witnesses while the state did not call any.
And throughout the day,
we heard testimony from her family members.
That included her father,
her grandmother and her second cousin who were asked by the defense if she could be given the chance to return to society in the future.

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In response,
her cousin said she knew Taylor Shabizniz to be a good person and deserves the opportunity for rehabilitation.
I know her to be loving.
I know her to have empathy.
Our family has,
our whole family has experienced a lot of loss and Taylor has experienced a great amount of loss.
She has,
I’m a mental health professional.
She has a trauma history and I believe she has mental health issues.
I’m hoping as she goes forward,
she can get the help she needs and with some deep introspection,
you know,
be able to work on her issues.
After considering Taylor character,
the gravity of the offense and the need to protect the public,
the judge decided she is not eligible for parole.
We will bring more updates at 5.
Live in Green Bay,
Samantha Petters,

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