Tish Cyrus en Prison Break-acteur Dominic Purcell geven elkaar ja woord

Tish Cyrus en Prison Break-acteur Dominic Purcell geven elkaar ja-woord

Tish Cyrus is getting married. Miley Cyrus’ mom took to Instagram over the weekend to announce
her engagement to Prison Break star Dominic Purcell. Quote, a thousand times yes. The 53-year-old
captioned a series of photos of the pair. The duo went Instagram official back in November
after Tish posted a photo of herself cuddling with the star. Tish’s engagement news comes a
year after she and Billy Ray Cyrus announced their divorce following 28 years of marriage.
The exes shared daughters Miley and Noah and son Brayson and the country singer adopted daughter
Brandi and son Trace from her previous marriage. Access Hollywood last spoke to Tish back in 2017
and she looked back on how Miley got her start in Hollywood. You guys are so tight was she
the first one who really though said mom I want to do this I want to go and do the singing thing
the acting thing and were you nervous for her actually she didn’t and the weird thing was is
Billy Ray was working in Toronto yeah and we did live there for a while and it was strange because
you know we had to find things for them to do and so Miley was cheerleading that’s what we were doing
in Nashville and I mean like competition cheerleading we were so passionate about it
and even Toronto I had her on a team in Toronto and that while she was there she did an acting
workshop and did a little role on Billy Ray show doc and even then she was still really just in
school and cheering and one of my dearest friends her kids always came out for pilot season and they
asked if Miley could come just to go hang out it was not for any other reason and they walked into
her agent to say hi my friend with her kids were here we’re here for pilot season and Miley was
with them and was like who is this child and so my friend called me she goes okay well our agent
wants to know if they can send Miley out while she’s here and I was like really and Miley wanted
to do it and and so three or four weeks later they came back to L.A. and somebody sent us a script for
Hannah Montana.

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