Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in North Carolina

Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in North Carolina and will now trek up the East Coast

Good morning.
I’m meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner.
It is a WRAL
weather alert day that actually kicks in at about seven o’clock
this evening.
we’ll start to see the rain by early
to mid afternoon.
It’s just tonight.
The rain will become
heavier and the winds will become stronger.
We could see as
much as 1 to 3 inches total by the time we get to Saturday
evening and gusts up to 40 MPH tonight and for a good bit of
the day tomorrow.
Here’s a look at the big picture.
You can see
the low pressure system moving up the coast.
starting to bring
some rain to the coast.
especially the outer banks.
five o’clock advisory shows the storm 325 miles south of Cape
Hatteras moving north at 14 with winds at 50 MPH.
50 MPH winds
are certainly tropical storm strength.
but it doesn’t have a
closed circulation.
So it doesn’t quite qualify as a
tropical storm.
It doesn’t really mean that much in terms
of what the impacts will be for us.
we take a look at
2 a.m.
sitting just offshore of Cape Lookout.
onshore in the morning on Saturday and then pulling away.
Of course.
it will have plenty of impacts here in terms of some
heavy rain and some windy conditions.
but it will be worse
along the coast.
Tropical storm warning along the coast and that
stretches all the way up until you get to right at our viewing
Winds along the coast at 70 MPH.
some gusts there.
up to
six inches of rain and up to five feet of storm surge.
But of
that tapers off in some spots.
The biggest storm surge
will be in the dark pink areas.
It’s likely to be one to three
feet of storm surge in the lighter pink areas.
Here’s a look
at the general setup.
We’re going to continue to watch that
low pressure system pushing toward North Carolina as we get
through the day.
we’ll see rain pushing in and then
becoming heavy this evening and windy overnight.
Let’s take a
look at Futurecast and we’ll watch that rain pushing in.
Likely see some showers in our eastern counties by lunchtime
around the Triangle area at mid afternoon and then pushing into
our western counties as we get into the late afternoon and
Overnight tonight.
we’ll see those bands of rain
producing some heavy rain and some winds gusting up to 40 MPH.
which could cause some isolated power outages.
We could have
some isolated flooding.
Here’s 3 p.m.
So you can see
the rain still lingering up through the evening hours.
even into dinnertime before it starts to pull away.
But Sunday
is still looking good.
We should see partly cloudy skies and 80
We have a level one risk for severe storms for
So the potential for some wind damage and then a
better chance for tornadoes as you push a little closer to the
We’re looking at the potential for one to two inches
of rain around the Triangle area and then from the Triangle area
it’s likely to be up to three inches.


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