Understanding UNP and Its Special Convention


In an era of political evolution and ever-changing dynamics, Sri Lanka’s United National Party (UNP) is set to introduce significant changes to its party constitution. These changes are slated to be discussed and voted upon at the Saturday’s Special Convention. This article will delve into the details of what these changes entail, why they matter, and their potential impact on the political landscape of Sri Lanka.

Understanding UNP and Its Special Convention

The United National Party, commonly known as UNP, is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most prominent political parties. Founded in 1946, it has played a significant role in shaping the country’s political history. The Special Convention is a pivotal event within the party, where important decisions are made, and policies are formulated.

The Importance of Party Constitution

The party constitution serves as the fundamental framework that guides the UNP’s operations, structure, and decision-making processes. It outlines the principles, rights, and responsibilities of party members and leaders, making it a critical document in the functioning of the party.

Previous Amendments to UNP Constitution

Over the years, the UNP constitution has undergone several revisions to adapt to the changing political landscape. These amendments have been made to ensure that the party remains relevant, vibrant, and in tune with the aspirations of the Sri Lankan people.

The Upcoming Changes

The upcoming changes to the UNP constitution are expected to be extensive and far-reaching. They will address various aspects of the party’s functioning, reflecting the party’s determination to rejuvenate and evolve.

Key Proposals for Amendment

Among the key proposals for amendment are changes to the leadership structure, internal party democracy, candidate selection processes, and the party’s stance on important policy matters. These changes are intended to foster inclusivity and transparency within the party.

The Role of Party Members

UNP members play a vital role in shaping the future of the party. Their active participation and engagement in the Special Convention will be crucial in deciding the fate of these amendments.

Expected Outcomes

The Saturday’s Special Convention is expected to be a defining moment in UNP’s history. The outcomes will have a significant impact on the party’s future and its place in Sri Lankan politics.

Benefits of These Changes

The amendments are expected to bring about a more democratic and accountable UNP. This can enhance the party’s credibility and attractiveness to voters.

Challenges Faced

Amending a party constitution is no easy feat, and the UNP is bound to face various challenges, including resistance from certain factions and questions about the direction the party is taking.

The Historical Significance

The changes in the party constitution will mark a significant point in UNP’s history. It will be remembered as a time when the party took bold steps to evolve and stay relevant.

Public Reactions

The general public and political observers are closely watching these developments, and their reactions will be essential in gauging the impact of the proposed amendments.

International Implications

The changes in UNP’s constitution may also have implications on Sri Lanka’s international relations and how the country is perceived on the global stage.


The UNP’s decision to introduce changes to its party constitution is a bold step towards political evolution. It reflects the party’s commitment to adapt to the changing times and the needs of the Sri Lankan people. The Saturday’s Special Convention is poised to be a turning point, and its outcomes will shape the party’s future.

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