Vanna White will continue to serve as Wheel of Fortune co-host through 2026

Vanna White will continue to serve as ‘Wheel of Fortune’ co-host through 2026

But meantime.
Vanna White’s near-perfect attendance record is over.
The TV personality fell ill during a recent wheel of fortune taping and due to scheduling
issues will end up missing five upcoming episodes.
The co-host has only been absent from the game show three times during her 41-year tenure.
In the past three decades.
she was there for every single taping.
Now it all comes as her future on the show is unclear.
so join me now at NewsNation.
senior story editor Paula Frohlich coming at us with the scoop.
So she’s only missed three episodes in 41 years.
hasn’t missed a day in 30 years.
Now she’s missing five all of a sudden.
Should we be reading more into this.
I’m not sure.
So first of all.
she only missed one day because they filmed five episodes in one day.
So a lot of people think they do it daily.
They do not.
They cram it all in.
And the reason why they couldn’t reschedule is they’ve flown all these teachers out for teacher week.
And they couldn’t.
you know.
they’re like.
this is what we got.
You can’t go anywhere.
So she actually reportedly had COVID and could not make it on set.
she is such a workhorse.
The second she tested negative.
she was back on set the next day.
getting it done.
But it is interesting.
So instead of her flipping the wheels.
they’re going to do Bridget Donald Blue.
a California teacher of the year.
And it’s going to be real interesting to see the numbers when Vanna is not on set.
Because her lawyer right now is saying.
Vanna has a raise.
Can this show succeed with no Vanna and no Pat Sajak?
I mean.
that’s who you think of when you think real fortune.
Vanna wants to stay on the show.
but her lawyers have also pretty much hinted that they’re about to go nuclear
if she does not get a raise because it’s really.
it’s sexism.
It’s like.
the lady in the corner.
we don’t have to pay her that much.
See you later.
We will see what happens and see if Vanna White is still sick or not.
Hashtag team Vanna.
Team Vanna.
All right.
Paula Froh look always great speaker.
Thank you so much.
Thanks a call.
Thank you for watching.
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