What led to lockdown at Dundee-Crown High School

What led to lockdown at Dundee-Crown High School? A call and fake gunfire, village says

where Dundee Crown High School was on lockdown
and had to be evacuated.
WGEN’s Eric Rung is there and has the latest now.
good afternoon.
That lockdown has now been lifted.
And if you just kind of take a look around out here,
you can see it is a much different story
than it was when we talked to you in the 11 o’clock hour.
Most of the police and fire trucks and ambulances
have all taken off now.
you remember that all of the students
were outside in the grass areas by the tennis courts.
They have either been told to go back to school
or to go home with their parents
now that the school has been deemed safe by law enforcement.
We are also learning today
that there was no active shooter at all,
according to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office,
that all of this may have been just a hoax,
something called swatting,
whereas there is a call that comes in
about an active shooter or something of that nature,
and then a ton of resources are sent.
That’s exactly what happened here
at Dundee Crown High School here this morning.
It all happened around nine o’clock.
That’s when the call came in
that there could be an active shooter
or that there were shots fired in or near the school out here.
All of the students were then pushed into classrooms
and told that they were on a hard lockdown.
The lights were turned off,
and then police started to search the school.
And then we are told they went classroom to classroom,
then evacuated all of the students and teachers.
Once outside,
parents waited
until they could get to their children.
The children were then told,
as I mentioned,
they could go back inside
or they could just go home with their parents.
They searched that school,
and they said it was safe.
most just went home,
like this mother and daughter that we talked to.
It was terrifying,
knowing that your child is in there
and you don’t know what’s going on.
It was,
hard to process
because I’ve seen so many things about school shootings,
and it was kind of crazy,
that is actually happening.
the King County Sheriff says
that they believe the swatting calls
originated out of California
and that this would be the third such call just this week.
The others,
according to the King County Sheriff,
happened at South Elgin on Monday at the high school there
and then another one there actually today.
both students,
as well as parents,
they could really,
as you heard with that mother that we talked to earlier,
that this was still a very traumatic event to go through,
even though there was no active shooter,
something that is going to stay with them
for a very,
very long time.
we do expect to get a lot more information
from law enforcement a little later on today.
For now,
we are live in Carpentersville.
I’m Eric Grung,
WGN News.
thank you.
More to follow.


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